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PUBG Cross Play Explained: Is PUBG Cross Platform?

Considering the fact that Fortnite is available for cross platform play across all of its versions from console to PC to mobile, it would certainly sound plausible for the answer to is PUBG cross platform be a yes. Both games have been neck and neck with each other in almost every way, even releasing their mobile versions here in the west around the same time.

Because of Battle Royale’s cross play capabilities, many players are wondering is PUBG cross platform? This is a great question to ask with the game now being available on mobile, console, and PC. Let’s dive into the answer to this question and more in this quick guide.

PUBG Cross Play Explained: Is PUBG Cross Platform?

Is PUBG cross platform? Well, the answer to that is somewhat complicated and will take a moment to explain. While Fortnite does allow for almost all platforms to play together (albeit some is optional), PUBG only allows certain platforms to play together and others to not be able to.

The recently released mobile versions on iOS and Android devices are able to play together in matches online. This is great for the mobile versions, as it allows their populations online to always be sufficient and able to handle the massive, 100-player matches. So, the answer to is PUBG cross platform on mobile is a resounding yes.

However, the answer to the same question of is PUBG cross platform but for console and PC is not as clear-cut. Unfortunately, Xbox One and PC players play completely separately from one another. This does reduce the number of available players on each version, but that could still change in the future. However, we don’t expect it to because of the disparity between controller and mouse & keyboard controls.