Far Cry 5 Live Event: When is the Event Start Time, End Time, and Reward?

The first Far Cry 5 live event starts today, and will require the community to come together to complete a series of tasks to get a reward. The Far Cry 5 live event will have personal goals and community goals, both of which will give you a prize if completed. Read on below for details on when the live event starts, when it ends, and what the event rewards are.

What Time Does the Far Cry 5 Live Event Start and End?

Chances are, if you’re reading this the community event is already live. According to the Far Cry Twitter, the event is set to start at 5 PM GMT which is 1 PM EDT. You can take part in it from April 3 through April 10, so that gives you a week to accomplish your personal and community goals.

What Rewards Do You Get for the Far Cry 5 Live Event?

There are two goals to complete in the event. For completing your personal goal you’ll get a Prestige Flamethrower, and if the community completes their overall goal by the time the contest ends, everyone will get a new costume.

The live event looks to involve using molotovs and flamethrowers to light wildlife on fire. If you make enough crispy critters, you can claim your rewards on April 10.

Do I Have to Have the Season Pass to Take Part in the Far Cry 5 Live Event?

All players who own Far Cry 5 can sign up for the Far Cry 5 live event. You don’t have to have the season pass, and there’s no special prize for players who do have a season pass. The event all comes down to participation. If you participate and accomplish your goals, you’ll get a prize regardless of the version of the game you have.

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