WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2007 PS3 Cheats

Get all ECW wrestlers

To unlock every single wrestler of ECW you must win season mode with all of the wrestlers who competed in the Smackdown vs Raw ten men elimination tag at Survivor series 2005.The superstars from Raw are Shawn Michiels, Carlito, Chris Masters, Kane and The Big Show.The superstars from Smackdown are Batista, Rey Mysterio, JBL, Bobby Lashley and Randy Orton.

Unlockable Arenas

ECW One Night Stand II Arena - Win the Money In The Bank Trophy

Backlash Arena - Win the Backlash Trophy in Season Mode

No Mercy Arena - Win the No Mercy Trophy in Season Mode

Saturday Night Main Event Arena - Win the Superstar Challenge Trophy

SummerSlam Arena - Win the SummerSlam Trophy in Season Mode

Unforgiven Arena - Win the Unforgiven Trophy in Season Mode

Vengeance Arena - Win the Vengeance Trophy in Season Mode

WrestleMania 22 Arena - Win the WrestleMania Trophy in Season Mode

Legend Championships

The Hardcore Championship Belt - Win the Superstar Challenge Trophy

The Million Dollar Championship Belt - Win the Legend Challenge Trophy

n.W.o. Championship - Win the SummerSlam Trophy and buy for $3,500 in the WWE Shop.

Smoking Skull Championship - Win the Royal Rumble Trophy and buy it for $5,000 in the WWE Shop.


Legends are unlocked by winning PPV-Trophys in Season Mode. You'll have to purchase them for $10,000 to $12,000 after unlocking them.

Bam Bam Bigelow - Win the Unforgiven Trophy

Bret Hart - Win the Survivor Series Trophy

Cactus Jack - Win the SummerSlam Trophy

Dude Love - Win the SummerSlam Trophy

Hulk Hogan - Win the WrestleMania Trophy

Jerry "the King" Lawler - Win the No Way Out Trophy

Mankind - Win the SummerSlam Trophy

Mr. Perfect - Win the Backlash Trophy

Shane McMahon - Win the Armageddon Trophy

Stone Cold Steve Austin - Win the Royal Rumble Trophy

Tazz - Win the No Way Out Trophy

The Anvil Jim Neidhart - Win the Survivor Series Trophy

The Rock - Win the WrestleMania Trophy