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Far Cry 5 Elk Location: Where To Hunt For Elk

Far Cry 5 is chockful of creatures and critters to hunt, skin and, if you’re feeling particularly sadistic, play a round of remote explosive tag with. Hunting skunks and hunting hare are bad enough but Far Cry 5 elk locations seem few and far between – which is why you’ll need to go off the beaten track.

Far Cry 5 Elk Location: Where To Find Elk in Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 Elk Location

If you’re on the hunt for the Been There, Done That trophy or achievement, or just want some crossbow training, you’re going to want to get your stalking hat on and make your way over to US Auto, just north-west of Fall’s End in John Seed’s region of Holland Valley.

From there, you have to take the main road west and take your first right. This will put you on a dirt path which is the home turf of Far Cry 5’s single elk location .  If you’re running short on patience, you can always cut through the forest north of US Auto.

Though the animals are some of the most skittish in Far Cry 5, this elk location should be brimming with the doe-eyed creatures. By my experience, most elk are found near and around the lake area (as shown on the map above) as well as a small group of houses to the east of the lake, just off the dirt path.

Far Cry 5 Elk Location: How To Kill Elk in Far Cry 5

Dynamite. Lots and lots of dynamite.

All kidding aside, the brute force approach won’t work well here. Being one of the smallest, most agile creatures in the game means the steady and stealthy approach is your only real, viable option. Coming equipped with a silenced rifle (with a scope attached) and/or a weighty silenced pistol and maintaining your distance will be your best bet.

There you have it, the one and only Far Cry 5 elk location – happy hunting!