Dawn of Mana Boss FAQ

Copyright 2nd June 2007 Ari Wirawan.


Table of Contents:


II.About My Faq.

III.Boss Fights in Chapters.

IV.Email Warning.



I. Introduction.

This will be my second faq, I hope it will deal a great help to the gamers. So

without further delay I will begin to create this faq. If the viewers found

any misspell within then understanding is advised.


II. About My Faq.

I write this faq based on my own experience through the game, that mean I was

directly write the methods on the sheets while playing the game. Before I

continue to the next content, there are few things I want to share about

battling the bosses. First, watch and memorize your opponent attack patterns

after entering the battle. Conserve the HP or MP until the boss defeated. Do

not rush things up, the bosses have their own weakness so all you have to do

is find their weakness and attack the bosses hard. Powering the character up

as much as you want, if that will make you confident enough to dealing with

the bosses. Now I will continue to the next content.


III. Boss Fights in Chapters.

Chapter 1: A Spirit and a Maiden.

1. Grave Guardian, Grim Mortifer.

Location: Great Tree, Graveyard.

Type: Armored.

Element: None.

Attacks: Running thrust, Power stabs, Counter spin.

Recommended: Healing light, Spirits attack.

Note: This first boss is not so tough as it looks. You only have to evade his

attack and use L1 to regain your balance in the mid air after knock back.

After the battle started, the grim is triggering its running thrust attack to

Keldric. So prepare to run to your left or your right side to dodge its

attack. Please notice, the distance can make its attack useless. Eventually

the grim will lose its balance control after a long run, and begin to startle

on the half way. Use Gnome attack to startle the grim, then head directly to

its tail. Strike its weakness very hard, keep using the Gnome attack if you

want to add up the panic timer on the grim. If you running out the Gnome

attack, use Jinny attack, remember Jinny is not effective as Gnome, but still

better rather than do nothing. Use Faye's healing magic if necessary, and keep

the distance to rethink what to do and what to use next. That conclude the

first boss.

Chapter 2: Lord of the Forest.

2. Forest Guardian, Grim Treant.

Location: Wonder Wood, Treant Hollow.

Type: Ent.

Element: Dark.

Attacks: Trendils attack, trendils sweep.

Goons: Grim Rabites.

Element: Dark.

Attacks: Rabites Spin, Rabites Bite.

Recommended: Healing Light, Flaming Sword, Salamander.

Note: This boss weakness is very obvious, it's the crystals on its trendils

and its mouth, and fire for its weakness element. Wait until you can see the

crystal on the trendils and destroy it. Treant should open its mouth by now,

strike the crystal within its mouth until the panic timer is up. Now you must

destroy two trendils in order to make Treant to open its mouth. After Treant

open its mouth for the second time strike it with Salamander attack first.

Usually Treant will open its mouth again caused by the burning state before

the trendils recover. Use that advantage very well, powering up first if you

like before delivering your attacks. The method is you must destroy the

trendils in sequence in order to make Treant open its mouth until it's

defeated. Destroy the Grim Rabites if you feel annoyed enough by them. Don't

forget to heal, or conserve your MP, and use every best method to defeat


Chapter 3: The Guardian and Gaia.

3. Wyvern.

Location: Mortmont, Gaia Peak.

Type: Dragon.

Element: Fire.

Attacks: Fire Balls, Flaming Gale, Sweep Diving, Counter Spin.

Goons: Golem Friars.

Type: Mage.

Element: Fire.

Attacks: Staff Attack, Fire Magic.

Recommended: Healing light, Aegis, Power up, Frost saber, Undine.

Note: In this battle Gaia will be your ally, when the Wyvern starting to

attack Keldric with fire balls, use Gaia kindness, hide behind one of Gaia

hands before the Wyvern delivering the fire balls. Gaia will absorb the damage

with its hand. Use the Undine to counter its attack, the Wyvern will flip over

and go to the ground after a hit. Head directly to it and deliver your attacks

until the panic timer is almost up and stop your attack before it counter you

with its spin. Wait until you have a chance to strike it again with Undine

attack. Always hide behind Gaia hands if the Wyvern starting its fire balls

attack. About the Goons, they will distract Gaia, kill them or Gaia cannot

provide you with shelter to repel the Wyvern fire balls. Go to your left or

right side to evade the Wyvern flaming gale, and prepare to double jump if the

Wyvern start diving to Keldric. Keep watching and memorize the Wyvern attack

pattern, heal when needed, with this you will beat the Wyvern in no time.

Chapter 4: Ritzia.

4. Lorimar Emperor, Stroud.

Location: Imperial Flagship, Upper deck.

Type: Royal.

Element: Ice.

Attacks: Ice Balls, Jump strike, Power strike, Double strike, Ice spikes.

Defenses: War Cry, Ice shield, Triple Ganger.

Recommended: Healing light, Aegis, Power up, Flaming saber, Salamander.

Note: After the battle, Stroud will deliver numbers of ice balls one at a

time. Dodge his attack, watch his move and don't rush your time. Do not use

spirit attacks at this point, he will simply repel your attack by the holy

sword. Every time Stroud trying to cast an ice ball that will be the best

chance to attack him. Cast your flaming saber first before heading to Stroud

and deliver your attacks. Keep evading the ice ball when you running toward

him, and be sure approach him as quickly as you could before he attacks or

avoiding you. After you cut a chunk of Stroud's HP, he will starting to cast

an ice shield around him. Destroy the shield by using Salamander, continue by

delivering your flaming saber on him. If Stroud is starting to burn keep your

attack until the panic timer is off. Now, after you cut Stroud's HP in half he

will clone himself. This time be very careful, the Trio Stroud will be

annoying enough. Two of them will keep chasing Keldric, while the other one

with an ice shield casting surrounding ice balls and ice spikes. Focus your

attack to the one with an ice shield, he is the real Stroud. Kill the other

two first if you want to concentrate your attack to the real one. After the

other clone disappear strike the real one with Salamander, and keep the

attacks. If Stroud is start burning again, keep your attacks until the panic

timer is over. Now Stroud will keep casting an ice shield every time it

destroyed, also beware of Stroud's lightning attack, his speed increase

dramatically at this stage. Keep attacking Stroud with Salamander and flaming

saber. If you running out the Salamander, lure Stroud to the nearby energy

orbs, his ice shield could trigger a blast if touching one of the energy orb.

If the blast make Stroud become panic head directly to him and strike him hard

until his defeated. Heal if necessary, and conserve your MP if you like. You

still can beat Stroud without the flaming saber, so if you like to focus your

MP only for healing please do so. Press L1 to regain your balance in the mid

air after a knock back. Be patience enough eventually you will beat Stroud.

Chapter 5: Of Deserts and Friends.

5. Grim Lekius

Location: Jadd Castle, Hanging Garden.

Type: Dark Archer.

Element: Dark.

Attacks: Rapid Arrow, Piercing arrow, Counter barrier, Stealth attack.

Goons: Grim Predators.

Type: Shadow.

Element: Dark.

Attacks: Dark Blast.

Recommended: Healing light, Aegis, Power up, Spirit attack.

Note: This boss is really quick, so patience is really needed in this battle,

don't get emotion so easily. Lek will keep running and waiting and preparing

to attack Keldric. The best chance to deliver your attack is when he preparing

his attack. But as I said this boss is quick so the chance will be slim for a

successful hit. Since I cannot come up with better idea I have no choice to

pursue him until I had a chance to strike him with Undine. If it's a hit Lek

will be startle for a while, don't waste your time head directly toward him to

deliver your attack. If there's any chill fruit near him, strike the fruit, if

you lucky Lek will be caught in the ice blast, and it could add more panic

timer on him. Power up first and deliver your attack. After you cut plenty of

Lek's HP, he will start his stealth attack. Now this part will become really

annoying, as you can not tell from which direction Lek will deliver his attack

to you. Go up the stairs and head directly to the center of the garden until

you see the garden bell. Strike the bell then Lek will reappear, find your

chance to strike him with spirit attack, please remember your attack must hit

him, or you just wasting another precious attack. If Lek become startle after

a hit keep adding up the panic timer by keep attacking with spirit attack.

Power up and attack him hard until he is defeated. If you running out HP or MP

or spirit attack, just simply destroy the surrounding barrels, it will provide

you with the needed items. Heal if necessary, keep watching his attack

pattern, and conserve everything in this battle until you are sure it will be

a hit or necessary enough.

Chapter 6: A Fool and A Sword.

6. Previous Seed Bearer, Masked Guru / Granz.

Location: Beacon Tower, the Look out.

Type: Wizard.

Element: Fire and Ice.

Attacks: Fire Gale, Ice crystals, Poison mists, Charge attack, Stun attack,


Defenses: Fire shield, Ice shield.

Goons: Sniper Visages.

Type: Shadow.

Element: Fire and Ice.

Attacks: Fire Blaster and Ice Blaster.

Recommended: Healing light, Aegis, Power up, Purify.

Note: This battle will take long enough time to get through with, since the

Guru will avoid Keldric when the battle begin, and casting a fire shield on

him also delivering fire gale or poison mist to Keldric. As you can see the

battle took place at the top of the tower, that mean you will have less of

spaces to deliver your attack. Shoot the Undine to break his shield, attack

him if you have a chance. Lure him to fight you at down floors, is the best

place you got. If you see he still wearing a fire shield, use the Undine to

destroy it, now chase him as he can not float for a temporary time. Keep the

attack until he is disappear, now he starting to use the Undine power, also a

goon will appear to help the Guru. Here's a hint, first destroy the visage

then toss a couple vitachoke to destroy the ice shield and use the pillars for

the fire shield, by this way you can conserve your spirit attack. After the

shield is destroyed head directly toward the Guru to deliver your attack until

he disappear again. After the Guru reappear he will add another goon at this

time, that's mean three against one, but no fear, just be patience enough in

dealing the Guru, and use the method properly, also keep searching if you

loose the sight of him. Destroy the visage first, and destroy his shield

before you deliver your attack. Keep watching his attack pattern, heal if

necessary, conserves everything in this battle until you defeat the Guru. Good

luck in defeating the Guru.

Chapter 7: Warriors of Hope.

7. Grim Golem Generalissimo

Location: Great Tree, Altar of darkness.

Type: Armored / Tanker.

Element: Dark.

Attacks: Pom Pom balls, Gatling gun, Cannon blast, Counter spin,

Charge attack.

Goons: Grim Golem raider and sharp shooter.

Type: Golem.

Element: Dark.

Attacks: Sword attack, Daze arrow.

Recommended: Healing light, Aegis, Power up, Wisp attack, Pillars.

Note: This battle is quite rough enough, and your opponent confident is very

high as he will keep chasing Keldric around. If you had a chance kill the

goons first, they will surely annoying enough. The first attack delivered by

the general is the Pom Pom balls, ignore the attack and don't strike the balls

as it will give you a blast. The second attack from the general will be the

gatling gun, that attack is block able, so block the attack until it's over.

When you see he is aiming you with purple light that mean it's time to run. He

will start the Cannon blast, I suggest don't take any damage from this attack,

keep running and evade from the attack as possible as you could. If you hit

the damage will be severe, not mention after you down he will keep continuing

his attack with the cannon like no days. Press L1 to regain the balance after

a hit and run after as quick as possible. Do not attack him directly as he

will give Keldric a counter spin. Lure him between the pillars, but still keep

your distance from him and the attack. If you lucky he will stupid enough to

shoot one of the pillars, and will make a lot of stone rabbles to collapse on

him. Now that is a chance, the panic timer should set at 99 seconds to count

down, and should give you enough time to attack the general. Power up Keldric

first then head towards him. Do not attack his vehicle, but jump on the

vehicle to attack its rider. Keep attacking until the panic timer is almost up

and flee to keep your distance again. Keep trying the method to defeat him by

using the pillars and rabbles until you running out of the pillars. The wisp

is the only effective spirit attack against the general so conserve it

carefully. Heal when you needed, and once again I recommended, avoid his

cannon attack at all cost. Good luck and give everything you got to him.

Final Chapter: The Great Tree

8. Mavolia Keeper, Grim Stroud.

Location: Nethermanse, Throne Room.

Type: Shadow Armor.

Element: Dark.

Attacks: Holy Sword attack, Ice burst, Flaming saber, Dark abbys, Dark blast,

Power gale, Triple Scythes, Upper cut, Holy blaster.

Recommended: Healing light, Aegis, Power up, Spirit attack.

Note: Stroud only thing to do when the battle started is walking slowly, still

you must keep your distance from him. Next you must toss the raw crystal on

Stroud to make up startle, keep doing that until you defeat him. That maybe

sound easy, but this isn't over yet. After Stroud is defeated you will enter

the next battle, be prepared for this. His first attack in the second battle

is the dark abbys, it will pull Keldric near to Stroud and give Keldric a dark

blast after. Find a chance to attack him until your attack becoming dull on

him. That mean you must go to one of the towers to destroy one of his weakness

one at time. After you destroy one of the night tower, head toward Stroud as

quickly as possible before you losing the panic timer. Keep your attack until

its becoming dull again. The method is you must first destroy the tower, then

attack Stroud until he is immune to your attack, then go back to the next

tower to destroy one of his weakness again. Keep doing the method until all

the night tower is destroyed. Stroud will try to stop Keldric when Keldric

trying to destroy his weakness. Keep watching for Stroud attack pattern, keep

healing when you need it, also remember the spirit attack does not effective

against Stroud. Keep attacking Stroud hard, he can use his physical barrier

after you destroy the night towers. This all I can say about this boss.

9. Final Boss, Medusa.

Location: Nethermanse, Hall of Echoes.

Type: Goddess.

Element: All.

Attacks: Dark twister, Snake attack, Snake thrust, Mine blast.

Goons 1: Blood Serpent and Frost Serpent.

Type: Hydra.

Element: Fire and Ice.

Attacks: Fire and Ice breath, Venom bites.

Goons 2: Grim Blood and Frost Wraiths.

Type: Shadow.

Element: Fire and Ice.

Attacks: Fire and Ice blast.

Recommended: Healing light, Aegis, Power up, Fire and Ice pillars.

Note: Stay away from her when the battle is started, she will unleash the Dark

Twister and it will suck everything near her. After her attack stop the next

thing you do is throw the red pillar to the frost serpent and attack it after

its startle. Then throw the white pillar to the blood serpent and attack it

after its startle. Remember you have to be quick to knock the snakes out,

don't let one of it regain its consciousness after a knockout. After the

snakes has been knockout, power up Keldric first, then jump on the snake's

back to attack Medusa, she should be disable right now. Keep attacking until

Medusa gain her consciousness then keep Keldric away from her. Watch her

attack, also keep watching her move, if you see any wraiths around destroy

them as soon as possible. Always disable the snakes first with the pillars

before attacking the Medusa. Once you cut her HP to half, she will start to

give you a mine blast and keep assaulting Keldric for amount of time. Wait

until her attack stop then toss the pillars to disable the snakes before you

attacking the Medusa. Keep watching her attack pattern, always disable the

snakes first, heal when is needed, do not rush yourself, use the method

properly, with this you should be able to defeat her.

Medusa is defeated, congratulation you just beat the game.


IV. Email Warning.

For every body who want to mail me, send to this address: [email protected]

You don't have to be cool or lame if you want to mail me, also I don't

tolerate for any Racist mail, Sarcasm, or foul mouth.


V. Closing.

Thanks to my girlfriend for her time, also thanks to game FAQ's for being a

good host. And last to the Fans in ROTK board.


Copyright 2nd June 2007 Ari Wirawan.