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Here Are the Fortnite Snobby Shores Chests Locations

Hunting down the Fortnite Snobby Shores chests locations is one of the seven new Fortnite Week 8 challenges which Battle Pass owners can now race to complete. While the chest location challenges aren’t marked as “Hard,” they can still be pretty tough, especially if you’re a player who isn’t used to landing in that specific location. Here’s what you need to know about where the Fortnite Snobby Shores chests are located, and what happens when you’ve found seven of them.

Fortnite Snobby Shores Chests Locations

The Fortnite Snobby Shores chests locations change with each new round. While there are set places for all 17 chests, they won’t all appear at once. If you don’t manage to find a chest in its usual location, quickly look somewhere else.

We recommend memorizing the locations on the map below (via IGN). Plan where you’re going to land and which house you’ll hit first. Of course, there will be other players hunting for the Fortnite Snobby Shores chests.

As this is a new Battle Pass challenge, there’s going to be an enormous number of enemies landing at Snobby Shores, and there isn’t going to be enough loot for everyone. Thankfully, the requirement for opening seven chests can be completed over multiple rounds. If you don’t manage to open all seven in a single visit, head to Snobby Shores in the next round and keep on progressing.

Fortnite Snobby Shores Chests

Fortnite Snobby Shores Chests Reward

Though completing the Fortnite Snobby Shores chests location challenge is difficult, it isn’t marked as “Hard.” This means that players who manage to complete the objective will only be gifted five Battle Stars.

Though the Fortnite Snobby Shores chests objective is part of the Week 8 Challenges, it doesn’t need to be completed this week. Players have until the end of Season 3 to ensure they have opened seven of the Fortnite Snobby Shores chests.