Final Fantasy XII Suggested Levels

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Dalmasca Esterand:-  level 1, go to rabanaster when level 3-4, or run out of potions.

Giza Plains (W/Penelo):- Level 4, exit level 6 With Cure,Thunder,Blizzard,and Fire.

The Waterway:-Level 6 try to get to level 7 or 8.

Nalbina dungeon and The Barheim Passage:- Beat both when level 10.

Lhusu Mines:-level 11, Exit level 13.

Leviathen:-Enter Level 14 to get Ashe and penelo 2 levels higher.

Jagd yensa:-Beat it level 16 or 17.

Tomb of Raithwall:- 17, come out level 20 (this is necessary as you will battle Vossler).

Dalmasca Westersand:- 17 - 20.

Giza (The Rains):- Level 21-23

Ozmone Plaines:- level 24 (get Larsa from Jahara When you are level 27.)

Golmore Jungle:- Level 30

The Henne Mines:-Level 34

Golmore Jungle,Parmina Rift, And Stilshrine:- Level 36-40.

Mosp. Hw.:- Level 40.

SalikaWood:- Level 44

The Phon Coast:-Level 44-46

Tchita Up.:- Level 44-46

Sochen Cave:- Level 45-53

Draklor Labs:- Level 51-55

Feywood,Giruvegan, and Cerobbi Steppe(there are ring wyrms in Cerrobi):- Level 55-64

Riddorana and Pharos:-Level 64-72 (get Reddas at level 64)

Bahamut:-  Level +62.


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