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Rocket League Rocket Pass 3 Premium Items List | All Rocket Pass 3 Rewards

Rejoice, Rocket League fans, after a long time away, the Rocket League Rocket Pass 3 is finally here. After the game’s recent update, you can now play through Rocket Pass 3 Premium or for free. Just as in previous Rocket Passes, playing the game enough will level you up through the Tiers. Depending on whether you own the Rocket Pass 3 Free edition or opt to pay for the Premium version, you will earn different items based on rising through the Tiers. Read on for the Rocket Pass 3 Premium Items list and to see all Rocket Pass 3 Rewards. There’s a lot to get through here, so, please, take your time reading through everything.

How to earn Rocket Pass 3 Rewards

Rocket Pass 3 Premium Items List

If you choose to purchase Rocket Pass 3 Premium (which will cost you the price of ten Keys, around $9.99), you can earn a large number of items when rising through the Tiers. You will earn a new item each time you raise your Tier level. Completing the weekly challenges (see the week 1 challenges here) will ensure you do this more quickly than you ever could before.

Brand-new to Rocket Pass 3 is Tier Points and weekly challenges. You will need to unlock ten Tier Points in order to level up by one Tier (it remains ten Tier Points throughout for each level). Completing each of the six weekly challenges should give you 32 Tier Points. On top of this, when you level up your general Rocket League level via XP earned through playing matches, you will unlock ten Tier Points, enough to raise your Tier Level by one. You can even buy Tiers separately if there’s an item you need right away.

Owners of Rocket Pass 3 Premium will earn a new reward each time you raise your Tier Level by one. Everyone else will earn a new reward item every few Tier Levels or so (20+ in total compared to 70+ in total for Premium owners). Psyonix estimates that it should take roughly 60 hours or so to unlock every Tier in Rocket Pass 3. Of course, you can speed the process up if you purchase any Single Tiers or blocks of a few.

Don’t worry about buying the Rocket Pass 3 Premium Track right away, either. As long as you buy it before Rocket Pass 3 ends (which should be around 14 weeks from now), you will receive all of the Tier rewards up to the Tier Level you are currently sitting at. So if you reach Tier Level 55 in a few weeks time and then buy Rocket Pass 3 Premium, you will earn every single Premium Tier reward item up until that point.

Got all that? Good. Read on for the full list of Rocket Pass 3 rewards.

Rocket League Rocket Pass 3 Premium Items List

Rocket Pass Premium Items List

The 20+ free Rocket Pass 3 reward items will be earned by Premium owners too, alongside 70 more items unique to them, plus Premium owners will be treated to Keys, rather than Decryptors. Rocket Pass 3 Premium owners can expect to unlock new Battle-Cars (including the brand-new Guardian), Keys, cool cosmetics, and XP boosts.

The complete list of all the Rocket Pass 3 Premium item rewards is as follows and you can see images of it all right here:

  • Tier 1: Guardian Battle-Car
  • Tier 2: Geometry X Banner
  • Tier 3: Slash Beam 1 Boost
  • Tier 4: 10% Party XP Boost
  • Tier 5: UFO 1 Topper
  • Tier 6: Hack Swerve 1 Trail
  • Tier 7: Generator 1 Wheels
  • Tier 8: Sparkler 1 Antenna
  • Tier 9: Thunderbolt (Guardian) Decal
  • Tier 10: 5% XP Boost
  • Tier 11: Force Razor 1 Goal Explosion
  • Tier 12: 1 Key
  • Tier 13: Tungsten Wheels
  • Tier 14: Spring Chicken (Breakout) Decal
  • Tier 15: String Trimmer Engine Audio
  • Tier 16: Mister Monsoon Banner
  • Tier 17: Abducted (Octane) Decal
  • Tier 18: Goaltender Title
  • Tier 19: Slash Beam 2 Boost
  • Tier 20: Metalwork Wheels
  • Tier 21: Hack Swerve 2 Trail
  • Tier 22: Skiver (Guardian) Decal
  • Tier 23: 5% XP Boost
  • Tier 24: 1 Key
  • Tier 25: Guardian G1 Battle-Car
  • Tier 26: Celestial 1 Wheels
  • Tier 27: Hydrographic Banner
  • Tier 28: Wheeler Title
  • Tier 29: UFO 2 Topper
  • Tier 30: VED-AVA 1 Wheels
  • Tier 31: Skewered (Dominus) Decal
  • Tier 32: 5% XP Boost
  • Tier 33: Electric Saw Engine Audio
  • Tier 34: Galvan Wheels
  • Tier 35: Three-Play Universal Decal
  • Tier 36: 1 Key
  • Tier 37: Sparkler 2 Antenna
  • Tier 38: 5% XP Boost
  • Tier 39: Ulterior Wheels
  • Tier 40: Wild Card Title
  • Tier 41: Glitter Paint
  • Tier 42: Poof Goal Explosion
  • Tier 43: Ripped Comic Banner
  • Tier 44: Generator 2 Wheels
  • Tier 45: 10,000 XP
  • Tier 46: Shield Glitch Universal Decal
  • Tier 47: Helicopter Engine Audio
  • Tier 48: 1 Key
  • Tier 49: Floater Title
  • Tier 50: 5% XP Boost
  • Tier 51: Visionary Wheels
  • Tier 52: Percussion Universal Decal
  • Tier 53: Hack Swerve 3 Trail
  • Tier 54: Plosion Universal Decal
  • Tier 55: Salty Topper
  • Tier 56: The Accelerator Title
  • Tier 57: Sparkler 3 Antenna
  • Tier 58: Mainliner Universal Decal
  • Tier 59: Celestial 2 Wheels
  • Tier 60: 5% Party XP Boost
  • Tier 61: Slash Beam 3 Boost
  • Tier 62: 1 Key
  • Tier 63: Ink Wash Banner
  • Tier 64: Intake (Guardian) Decal
  • Tier 65: Polaris Wheels
  • Tier 66: 5% XP Boost
  • Tier 67: 1 Key
  • Tier 68: Force Razor 2 Goal Explosion
  • Tier 69: VED-AVA 2 Wheels
  • Tier 70: Guardian GXT Battle-Car

After you reach Tier Levels 70+ in the Premium Track of Rocket Pass 3, you will earn yet more items. These Pro Tier items will be rare painted variants of existing cosmetics, with a chance of them being Certified or Special Edition. You will be able to trade any Pro Tier items you earn, but everything in the list above is untradable.

Rocket Pass 3 Free Items List

Rocket Pass 3 Premium Items List

As stated above, anyone who doesn’t buy the Rocket Pass 3 Premium Track will still earn items upon reaching new Tier Levels. These will be far fewer in number than in the Premium version, however. Despite this, you will still earn a solid 20+ reward items, all of which are part of the Premium Track, too. Bear in mind, however, that you won’t receive the Battle-Cars for free, nor will you earn Keys. You’ll get Decryptors instead.

If you’re unsure of the quality of the free Rocket Pass 3 item rewards, let us tell you that you are getting a solid mixture of new cosmetics to equip to your Battle-Car of choice. This includes fancy new Toppers, Titles, Decals, and more. With that said, it’s okay if you’re not exactly fond of them, as you will still get them all for free. While Keys are obviously the preferable option over Decryptors, too, we’ll never say no to a free Decryptor. The full list of the free Rocket Pass 3 item rewards are as follows:

  • Tier 2: Shamrock Topper
  • Tier 4: Sticker Shock Banner
  • Tier 6: Reckless Title
  • Tier 8: Easter Bunny (Breakout) Decal
  • Tier 10: 1 Decryptor
  • Tier 12: Hammerhead Topper
  • Tier 14: Fortune Fan Antenna
  • Tier 16: Showboat Title
  • Tier 18: Disco Monster (X-Devil) Decal
  • Tier 20: 1 Decryptor
  • Tier 22: Battle Axe Topper
  • Tier 24: Aloha Banner
  • Tier 26: Sunday Driver Title
  • Tier 28: Turtle Shell Topper
  • Tier 30: 1 Decryptor
  • Tier 32: Quetzalcoatl (Octane) Decal
  • Tier 34: Snare Drum Topper
  • Tier 36: The Fearless Title
  • Tier 38: Mainstreet Wheels
  • Tier 40: 1 Decryptor
  • Tier 42: Periscope Topper
  • Tier 44: Blueprint 2 Banner
  • Tier 47: Steamroller Title
  • Tier 50: M8 Wheels
  • Tier 55: Ballistic Title
  • Tier 60: 1 Decryptor
  • Tier 64: Fire Main Avatar Border
  • Tier 70: Fireworks Decal

Of course, reading through all of the free Rocket Pass 3 rewards won’t let you in on how they all look. Thankfully, we recorded a video going through them all, which you can watch right here. There’s a decent list of free rewards available here. Hopefully there is something in the 28 rewards that you will enjoy. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to earn certified, painted, and special edition items after reaching Rocket Pass 3 Tier 70 on the free track.

As we mentioned above, you can upgrade to the Rocket Pass 3 Premium track at any time. You will earn all the Premium Item rewards for the Tier level you reach as soon as you upgrade, alongside all of the free items. It’s a win-win situation, that’s for sure.