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Rocket League Rocket Pass 3 Week 1 Challenges

April 17 brings with it the first ever batch of the brand-new Rocket League weekly challenges. If you want to know all there is to know about the Rocket Pass 3 Week 1 Challenges, this is definitely the guide for you. Read on for details regarding the Rocket Pass 3 week 1 challenges start times, the Rocket Pass 3 week 1 challenges rewards, and even the Rocket Pass challenges rewards.

What are Rocket Pass Weekly Challenges?

Rocket Pass 3 Week 1 Challenges

Brand-new to Rocket League after the introduction of Rocket Pass 3 is Rocket Pass Challenges. Each and every week (at the same time) you will be given a collection of challenges to complete. These challenges will be split into those for everyone and those who have bought the Rocket Pass 3 Premium. Each challenge will award you with Tier Points.

You now level up through each Tier by unlocking Tier Points (ten for each Tier). Depending on the difficulty of the weekly challenge, the more points you will earn for completing them. These will be worth three, five, or eight Tier Points. You can still level up through the Tiers by earning match XP too. You will earn ten Tier Points every time you level up via earned XP. Every week there will be three Free Rocket Pass challenges and three Premium Rocket Pass challenges to complete.

What are the Rocket Pass 3 Week 1 Challenges?

Rocket Pass 3 Week 1 Challenges

Going live on all available platforms at 10:00 AM Pacific/6 PM BST on April 17, the Rocket Pass 3 Week 1 challenges are as follows:

  • Free:
    • First Steps: Gain 2 XP levels (worth three Tier Points)
    • Keeping it Casual: Get 5 Saves, Assists, or Goals in Casual Online Matches (worth five Tier Points)
    • Explain Yourself: Use “I got it,” “Take the Shot,” or “Defending…” Quick Chats in 15 Online Matches (worth eight Tier Points)
  • Premium:
    • New Ride: Play an Online Match with the Guardian Battle-Car (worth three Tier Points)
    • Five Hundred: Score 500 total points in Online Matches (worth five Tier Points)
    • Win 10: Win 10 Online Matches in any Playlist (worth eight Tier Points)

As you can see, all of the challenges are rather straightforward and self-explanatory. Remember, you will have until April 24, at 9:59 AM PDT to complete any of these challenges. Anyone can complete the Premium challenges, but you won’t unlock their rewards until you buy the Premium Rocket Pass 3. Whenever you buy that, you will unlock all of the rewards for any of the Premium challenges you have completed.

Rocket Pass 3 Week 1 Challenges Rewards

Rocket Pass 3 Week 1 Challenges

It appears as though the only rewards you will earn from completing the weekly challenges in Rocket League is Tier Points. Before you scoff, however, these will prove useful. In total, you can earn 32 Tier Points, which will level up your Tier three times at least (not to mention the number of Tier gains you’ll earn through normal XP). The more Tiers you climb, the better the item unlocks will be.