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PUBG Gold Weapons: What’s Inside the New Equinox Crate?

PUBG gold weapons are now available to earn through the new Equinox crate, which can be bought using Battle Points on the game’s Test Server client. In addition to the PUBG gold weapons, there are silver, “Desert Digital” and “Shark Bite” skins to unlock. Here’s everything you need to know about the new PUBG gold weapons and Equinox crate.

PUBG Gold Weapons: How to Get Gold Guns

The latest update to the game introduced three new PUBG gold weapons: the Groza, AWM and AKM. These gold guns can all be earned through the Equinox crate, though the odds of them dropping are quite extreme. The Groza has a 1.3% chance of dropping, while the AWM will only drop 0.6% of the time. The AKM is even rarer, with a 0.32% drop rate.

If you’re opening a PUBG Eqinox crate, chances are you’ll get a desert digital skin. There’s a massive 80% chance of unlocking one of those!

Combine the rarity of the PUBG gold guns with the fact that the Equinox crate requires a paid-for key to unlock, and that makes for an insanely rare weapon skin. You won’t see many players running around with the new gold weapons.

PUBG Gold Weapons: What’s Inside the New Equinox Crate?

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If you’re wondering what else you can find in the Equinox crate, in addition to the PUBG gold weapons, here’s a list of the drops and their respective drop rates:

  • Desert Digital – Micro UZI – 20%
  • Desert Digital – Sawed-Off – 20%
  • Desert Digital – P18C – 20%
  • Desert Digital – Win94 – 20%
  • Desert Digital – P92 – 6.5%
  • Silver Plate – Tommy Gun – 6.5%
  • Silver Plate – UMP9 – 3%
  • Silver Plate – S12K – 3%
  • Gold Plate – Groza – 1.3%
  • Gold Plate – AWM – 0.6%
  • Gold Plate – AKM – 0.32%
  • Shark Bite – M16A4 – 0.32%
  • Shark Bite – Kar98k – 0.16%

As you can see, the Shark Bite Kar98k is the rarest skin found in the new Equinox crate. That is surely going to be selling for a high price, once the skins are available on live servers.

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