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Fortnite Light Machine Gun: What Is the New Fortnite LMG?

The Fortnite light machine gun has been confirmed to be coming soon to Battle Royale. Epic Games announced the weapon through the in-game “News” tab, which revealed that the Fortnite LMG will have a “fast rate of fire, large magazine and slow reload.” Here’s what you need to know about the Fortnite light machine gun, which will soon be raining bullets down upon your friends and foes!

Fortnite Light Machine Gun: What Is It?

The Fortnite light machine gun is a weapon boasting “a fast rate of fire, large magazine and slow reload.” Like the minigun, the Fortnite LMG will likely be best used to take down enemy-built structures, as opposed to shooting enemies directly.

The Save the World component already features a light machine gun, which should give players an idea of what to expect from the Battle Royale version. As recorded by the Fortnite Gamepedia page, the Save the World variant is “very inaccurate unless aiming down sights from a fixed position and firing in short bursts.” It uses medium bullets.

It’s not yet known if the Fortnite Battle Royale light machine gun will act in the same way as the Save the World LMG, but expect changes to be made to ensure it is balanced for PvP play.

Fortnite Light Machine Gun Release Date

Fortnite Light Machine Gun

As with all upcoming content that Epic Games states will be “coming soon,” the Fortnite light machine gun release date is expected to be sometime this week. The developer doesn’t mess around when it comes to announcing a new feature, before quickly implementing it into the game.

With that said, there have been “coming soon” features that experienced a delay, like the Fortnite jetpack. We’re still waiting for that feature to launch. So, while it’s probably safe to expect the Fortnite LMG to be released this week, don’t be surprised if it gets delayed. (Fingers crossed that it releases just fine!)