Box art - God of War (2018)

God of War Photo Mode: Is It Available, How to Use It

Is there a God of War Photo Mode? If so, how do you use it in the game? We are going to answer this question and more in this short FAQ guide. With the rise of photo modes in video games lately and just about every recent AAA singleplayer title including one for players to use, it’s no wonder that players are asking about it.

A God of War Photo Mode would be especially awesome in this game with its absolutely stunning visuals that are even noteworthy on a launch PS4 on a standard HDTV. Considering that one of Sony’s biggest first-party titles last year, Horizon Zero Dawn, had its own photo mode, does this game have one, too?

Is There a God of War Photo Mode?

The answer to the question of if there is a God of War Photo Mode in the game is a yes. Well, sort of. There is one coming, at least but it isn’t currently available just yet for players. Sony Santa Monica has officially announced that there will be a photo mode for the game but it won’t be available for some time.

God of War Photo Mode Release Date

So what is the God of War Photo Mode release date? Well, we don’t know that just yet either. It is confirmed to be arriving in a future patch but how far from now is unsure. However, the team has been hard at work releasing updates for the game almost daily since its launch so it could be coming at any moment.

As for how to use the God of War Photo Mode when it releases, we aren’t sure on how it will work just yet. It has been teased that the photo mode will need to go toe to toe with other game’s photo modes so we suspect it will contain all of the offerings you would expect and more.