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Fortnite Omega Fully Upgraded Skin: How to Get Omega Full Armor

The hunt for the Fortnite Omega fully upgraded skin has begun! Season 4 brought a huge number of changes to the game, including a slew of new cosmetics to unlock. One of the more visually impressive skins is the Omega suit, the base version of which is unlocked at Battle Pass tier 100. This black and red suit certainly looks like an “endgame” reward, but it can be upgraded to look even more badass. Here’s what you need to know about the Fortnite Omega fully upgraded skin and full armor.

Fortnite Omega Fully Upgraded Skin: What Is Omega?

As mentioned above, the Fortnite Omega skin is the Season 4 Battle Pass’ tier 100 reward. This is the ultimate loot for players hitting the maximum tier count for the season. Progression to tier 100 can be carried out through regular play, which is how most people will achieve it. However, the Fortnite Omega suit can also be paid for through bought tiers. So yes, it’s possible that a player wearing the Omega skin hasn’t actually earned it through playing the game. While this does sound pretty lame, the fully upgraded skin is the true prize for Season 4 and isn’t purchasable!

Fortnite Omega Fully Upgraded Skin: How to Fully Upgrade Omega

Fortnite Omega Fully Upgraded

Reaching tier 100 on the Season 4 Battle Pass earns the base layer of the Fortnite Omega skin. The additional pieces of the armor have to be achieved through actually playing the game. Ranking up (separate to the tiers) is the only way to fully upgrade Omega, and it will require a pretty big grind!

Level 80 is the rank players need to hit to have completed the Fortnite Omega set. It will be a tough grind for many players, but what with how obsessed the community has become over great-looking skins, I imagine it will be worth it in the end!