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Fortnite Blockbuster Skin: Hidden Battle Stars and How to Unlock

Perhaps the most mysterious cosmetic unlock of Season 4, the Fortnite Blockbuster skin is only available after a number of conditions are met. These conditions require a lot of dedication from players over the Season 4 period, and you won’t see the Blockbuster skin in-game until Week 7 at the earliest. Here’s what you need to know about the Fortnite Blockbuster skin, including the hidden Battle Stars that have been popping up in-game!

Fortnite Blockbuster Skin: How to Unlock It

To unlock the Fortnite Blockbuster skin, players will need to complete a total of seven challenges. Each of these challenges require the player to finish a week’s worth of objectives. This means that to get the Fortnite Blockbuster skin, seven total weeks’ worth of challenges must be completed, making for 49 objectives in total!

Fortnite Blockbuster Skin

The earliest possible time that players will be able to unlock the Fortnite Blockbuster skin is during Week 7. If all Battle Pass challenges have been completed up to and including that week, the Blockbuster skin will unlock.

Fortnite Blockbuster Skin: Hidden Battle Stars

In the Fortnite Blockbuster challenges list, players are able to unlock different loading screens. Judging by the first prize, these loading screens hint towards a secret Battle Star. Search the unlocked loading screen image and you’ll see the faint glimmer of a Battle Star icon. Head to that location during a round of Battle Royale and you’ll net yourself a full tier as a reward. (Shout-out to Reddit user Bfor45 for spotting this!)

I’d expect each Blockbuster challenge to award a new loading screen which contains a hint towards some hidden Battle Star treasure. This will please Battle Pass competitionists, as it’s an additional reward for completing everything and offers a big boost up through the tiers.

As for the Fortnite Blockbuster skin, we’ll be waiting until Week 7 to get a glimpse at that… Unless there’s a datamine that gives us an early tease before then!