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Fortnite 4.1 Update Patch Notes Detail Avengers Mode and More

Fortnite is down for a scheduled maintenance period during which the Fortnite 4.1 update, which features the new Avengers limited time mode, is being added to the game. As per usual, this new Fortnite update also implements a number of fixes and changes to both Battle Royale and Save the World.

Fortnite 4.1 Update Patch Notes Highlight

The highlight of the Fortnite 4.1 update is the new Avengers limited time mode. The Fortnite Infinity Gauntlet limited time mashup mode allows one player to become Thanos. The Infinity Gauntlet enters the arena via a meteor. The player who picks it up will wield numerous abilities, including: a mighty punch that knocks enemies back and destroys structures, a power stomp, a blast from the Power stone, and a super-jump.

What’s more, Thanos has both shields and health, with the shield regenerating with each achieved kill. However, health does not regenerate. Fall damage does not affect Thanos, and he is not able to build, use weapons or equipment like launch pads. Infinity Gauntlet rounds are expected to last roughly 15 minutes, with the storm circle already closing in on the island at match start. Players should be wary that the storm does more damage than normal, hitting for 5% health during the first circle and 10% thereafter.

To help players counter Thanos, only rare, epic and legendary weapons will spawn. Treasure chests and floor loot drops have also been upped to 80-100%. Once Thanos is taken down, he’ll drop the Infinity Gauntlet, allowing another player to use it.

Epic Games has also tweaked the final circle location, allowing it to drift closer to the outer areas of the map. This should add more variety to those endgame scenarios.

The full list of new features and improvements, including a big list of bug fixes and changes to Save the World, can be found here.