Monster Hunter Freedom 2 PSP Cheats

Gallery Movies

Gallery movies can be unlocked by encountering specific monsters as well as accomplishing in-game tasks.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
A Phantom AppearsEncounter a Kirin
Akantor EcologySlay Akantor
Behold The Kut-KuSpot Yian Kut-Ku
Burning RockComplete the "Volcano Gathering" Quest
Congalala EcologyEcnounter a Congalala
Daiymo Hermitaur EcologyDefeat Daiymo Hermitaur
Deep Forest IllusionSpot Chameleos
Desert HunterEncounter a Cephadrome
Desert TyrantEncounter a Diablos
Diablos EcologyEncounter a Diablos
Empress of FlameEncounter a Lunastra
Gravios EcologyEncounter a Gravios
Khezu ecologyDefeat Khezu
Kushala Daora EcologyEncounter a Kushala Daora
Lao Shan LungSpot Lao Shan Lung
Lao Shan Lung!?Spot Shen Gaoren
Light In The DarkSpot Khezu
Location Of EternityComplete the "Forest and Hills" Gathering Quest
One Horned DaiymoSpot Daiymo Hermitaur
Plesioth EcologyDefeat Plesioth
Raging TigrexEncounter a Tigrex in the 5 star Elder Urgent Quest
Rathian EcologyEncounter a Rathian
Roar Of The HornSpot Monoblos
Roar of the WolfSpot Yian Garuga
Shadow in the TempestEncounter a Kushala Daora at the Jungle
Silver WorldComplete the "Mountain Gathering" Quest
Steel In The BlizzardSpot Kushala Daora
Sterling HunterEncounter a Giadrome
The Devil's ScytheEncounter a Shogun Ceanataur in 4 star Elder Quest
The Green of the LandComplete the "Jungle Gathering" Quest
The Jungle OutlawEncounter a Congalala
The Piscine PlesiothSpot Plesioth
The Poison GypcerosSpot Gypceros
The Roaring KingEncounter a Bulldrome
The Sly HunterEncounter a Velocidrome
The Still SwampEntered the swamp area for the first time
The TowerLeave Camp in the Tower Area
The Tyrant TigrexEcnounter a Tigrex
The White DarknessEncounter a Blangonga
Tigrex EcologyEncounter a Tigrex in the 5 star Elder Urgent Quest
Tyrannical RoarEncounter Akantor
View all VideosSlay Akantor
Volcanic LeaderEncounter a Gravios
White Night DuneEnter the desert area for the first time