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Fortnite Duck Locations: Here Are the Rubber Duck Locations

Knowing the Fortnite duck locations is key to completing one of the tougher Week 3 challenges. Despite not being labeled as “Hard,” this challenge will take up a lot of your time, should you try and do it without our help. The need to find 10 rubber duckies makes this objective even more laborious, forcing players to search every nook and cranny, while avoiding being interrupted by other players. Thankfully, we’re here for you, with our map of Fortnite rubber duck locations that will have you completing this challenge in no time!

Fortnite Duck Locations: Where Are the Rubber Duck Locations?

Players will need to hunt down 10 Fortnite duck locations. There are actually more than 10 rubber ducks located on the map, which should make things a little bit easier.

Check out our map below for ten confirmed Fortnite rubber duck locations. Simply track them down and stand close to them for it to count. Get them all hunted down for a good ol’ mission complete!

Fortnite Duck Locations

Fortnite Duck Locations: What’s the Reward for Finding Them?

Despite the length of time that this objective takes to complete, with the Fortnite duck locations challenge requiring multiple rounds and a lot of potential harassment from players, it still only grants 5 Battle Stars. (Those who have reached Tier 100 will receive 500 XP instead.)

Battle Stars help push players up through the tiers, gaining cool loot for additional customization or boosted XP rates. Those who complete four of the weekly challenges will receive a unique item. Once all seven Week 3 challenges have been completed, players will receive an additional 5,000 XP.

It’s not a great reward for an exceptionally time-consuming challenge, but it’s not unexpected. Epic Games has regularly labeled the more difficult challenges as being “normal,” while easier challenges get listed as “Hard.” Of course, using our guides does help to make them easier!