Fortnite 4.2 Patch Notes: When Are the Fortnite Servers Going to be Back Online?

The Fortnite 4.2 patch notes have been released, with Epic Games adding a few new features and introducing a variety of changes and fixes to the game. With this latest Fortnite v4.2 update making improvements to Fortnite Battle Royale along with its Save the World mode, Epic has initiated some downtime, leading many to question when the Fortnite servers will go back online.

You can read the Fortnite 4.2 patch notes and find out when the servers go back online below.

Fortnite 4.2 Patch Notes: When are the Fortnite Servers Going to be Back Online?

Downtime started around 5 am ET/2 am PT/10 am BST, with it usually lasting for a couple of hours before the game goes back online. Uncharacteristically for Epic Games, the Fortnite 4.2 patch was delayed by an entire day, after some issues with the game’s quest led to unforeseen issues with the new update.

Epic Games hasn’t officially stated when the Fortnite downtime will end, though those looking to hop right back into the game shouldn’t be left hanging around for long.


Fortnite 4.2 Patch Notes: Apples, Burst Rifles, and More

fortnite 4.2 patch notes

The Fortnite 4.2 patch notes reveal that alongside a brand new Epic and Legendary Burst Rifle, the game will also introduce consumable Apples (yes, Epic capitalizes them), which can be picked up either from the floor surrounding certain trees.

Fortnite Apples

The Fortnite Apples are uncommon, though only grant 5 health each, up to a maximum of 100. Chances are that these Apples will be found in bulk, though, allowing players to quickly replenish their health.

Fortnite Burst Rifle

The new Burst Rifle comes in Epic and Legendary rarities and can be found in Floor Loot, Treasure Chests, Supply Drops, and Vending Machines. It does 32/33 damage depending on its rarity, uses medium ammo, and has the same fall-off ranges for its damage as other Assault Rifles.

Fortnite 4.2 Changes

Other new changes include:

  • Impulse grenade drop rate increased by 5%.
  • Suppressed SMG damage increased by 3, along with increased accuracy and increased damage fall-off-range.
  • Damage Trap damage decreased from 125 to 75.
  • Remote Explosives will damage all structures within range, with damage radius and throw distance increased.

Fortnite 4.2 Bug Fixes

Bug fixes include:

  • Fixed an issue where Remote Explosives could destroy the meteor in Dusty Divot.
  • Assault Rifles no longer appear to eject multiple bullet casings per shot.
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from using the Launch Pad when multiple players activated it at the same time.

Fortnite 4.2 Server Performance

Server fixes include:

  • Tick rate increased from 20 to 30 updates per second.
  • Material loading doubled.
  • Improved framerate when using Hop Rocks.

You can read the Fortnite 4.2 patch notes in full here.