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Fortnite Solid Gold v2: What Is the Expected Release Date?

The Fortnite Solid Gold v2 mode was included in the 4.2 update‘s iPhone version patch notes, and yet it’s not actually available to play. The current 50v50 limited time mode is still featured, with no sign of the Fortnite Solid Gold v2 mode on any of the supported platforms. Here’s what we know about the new Fortnite Solid Gold v2 mode and when it could be releasing.

Fortnite Solid Gold v2: What Is the New Mode?

The Fortnite Solid Gold v2 mode is an improved version of the original (v1) limited time mode. The main gimmick of this mode is that all weapon drops are legendary (gold in color). With the v2 variant, players will be able to wield the new heavy shotgun and burst assault rifles, which were previously unreleased.

The presence of so many legendary weapons will mean that it’s easy to quickly get endgame loot that can carry you through the round. You won’t have to bother with lower-tier guns, allowing you to focus on the fighting and getting into a good position. Of course, your enemies will also be wielding the best weapons in the game, so you’ll need to be on your toes in combat. You’re unlikely to overpower the enemy, and will need to beat them with excellent positioning and building prowess, instead!

Fortnite Solid Gold v2: When Is the Release Date?

Fortnite Solid Gold v2

It seems like the Fortnite Solid Gold v2 mode was supposed to be launching today with the 4.2 update. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case, and players have to settle for an extended 50v50 mode instead. In a Twitter response to a player question, Epic Games stated that the Fortnite Solid Gold v2 mode “won’t be available at the moment” and that the team will “update [players] once [they] know more.”

If you’re eagerly anticipating the new Fortnite Solid Gold v2 mode, I’d recommend stalking @FortniteGame on Twitter.