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Fortnite Solo Showdown Leaderboard: How to Check Fortnite Rankings

Fortnite is taking baby steps into the competitive scene with its new game mode Solo Showdown. With a whopping 50,000 V-Bucks on offer for the winner then you’re probably feverishly checking the Fortnite Solo Showdown leaderboard, right? Trick question. There’s no such thing – for now. Here’s why and when you can expect a fix.

Fortnite Solo Showdown Leaderboard: Where is my Ranking?

The skinny on the new limited time mode can be found here, but for now you’re going to be asking one main thing before the Solo Showdown disappears for good on May 21: where is my ranking. Unfortunately, there’s been radio silence from Epic on where to find your current rankings. What we do know, however, is that only your first 50 games will count towards your eventual ranking, so you’re likely going to need at least 30 top ten finishes to even think about getting close to some of the world’s best.

Fortnite Solo Showdown Leaderboard: Where to Check Official Fortnite Standings

This one is actually a little easier. As of writing, the official announcement page for Solo Showdown actually includes a leaderboard… except it hasn’t been updated since launch. Your best bet may be to check back every 12 hours or so until Epic decide to crunch the numbers and work out who ranks where on the Solo Showdown leaderboard.

Fortnite Solo Showdown Leaderboard: When does the Leaderboard Update?

All being well, expect May 21 to be the date as to when the Solo Showdown Leaderboard gets its first showing. That is when the mode’s limited-time-only period ends and, also, the time span in which you must play your 50 allotted games. From there, a clear picture should emerge on who ranks in the world’s top 100 for Solo Showdown.

TL;DR? It’s not worth updating a leaderboard that is in flux until the limited-time-only Solo Showdown has completely ended. You’ll have to be patient, I’m afraid.