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Zany Fortnite: Is the New Fortnite Emote Worth the V-Bucks?

Fortnite has been nothing if not generous with its array of emotes and crazy dances over the past few months. With ‘Zany’, its brand-new emote that’s just dropped on Fornite, it proves that Epic can almost do no wrong when it comes to dodgy dances and incredible emotes. Say hello to Zany: your new must-have Fortnite emote.

Zany Fortnite: How Much is the New Fortnite Emote?

Zany is one of the cheaper options on the Fortnite store as of writing. Setting you back a mere 500 V-Bucks, you’re likely to have a fair amount left over should you have dipped into your real-world funds to pick up some of Fortnite’s currency. If not, you can probably pick up a few just by trying the new Solo Showdown mode, should you be short of funds.

Zany Fortnite: Where Is the New Fortnite Emote?

As ever, the new Fortnite emote, Zany, can be found in the item shop. To get there, press R1 (or equivalent) to scroll along to the item shop menu. Once there, through May 18-May 19, you should see the Zany Fortnite emote on the right-hand side of your screen on the bottom row.

If you’re reading this after May 19 (hello, people from the future!) then you’re flat out of luck, I’m afraid. The Zany Fortnite emote has expired for the time being and the only way you’re going to see it again is if Epic decide to bring it back into rotation in the future. This can be anytime from two weeks to four months, judging by previous emotes.

Zany Fortnite: Is it Worth Buying?

‘Go ahead, get weird with it,’ reads the description for Zany’s Fortnite emote. It’s not wrong, either. To properly wind up your opponents, you’re going to need this emote. Half nonchalant dance, half cocky strut, this should be in the repertoire of every griefing grandad dancer everywhere.