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Fortnite Eye of the Storm: How to Get and Use the Storm Tracker

The Fortnite eye of the storm tracker is here – and ready to save you from an embarrassing death. The loot item, which has arrived to absolutely no fanfare from Epic, is the latest Backpack item to come to the game in update 4.2 after the inclusion of jetpacks. But what does the Fortnite storm tracker do and where can I find it? For that, my friends, you’ll have to read on…

Fortnite Eye of the Storm: What Does the Storm Tracker Do?

The Fortnite storm tracker is arguably one of the most useful pieces of equipment in the game. In essence, it tells you exactly where the storm is heading next, right up until the eventual eye of the storm. Should you pick it up, you’ll be able to chart a course right to the centre of the oncoming storm. Handy if you want to out-flank enemies in a pinch.

Fortnite Eye of the Storm: How to Use the Storm Tracker

Much like the Fortnite jetpack, the storm tracker is available as a Backpack (of which you can only carry one at a time). Once picked up, you don’t need to ‘equip’ it. Instead, your mini-map will now have a yellow outline indicating where the storm is going to close in on next.

Fortnite Eye of the Storm: Where to Find the Storm Tracker

As it’s a rare item, there aren’t many of the Fortnite storm trackers lying about in-game. Glowing chests are, as always, your best bet to snagging the best loot, so keep your eyes (and ears) upon for its enticing glowing and hum.

Fortnite Eye of the Storm: Is it a Cosmetic Item?

The Fortnite Eye of the Storm tracker is an in-game item only, meaning it cannot be bought in the Item Shop for V-Bucks to give you an edge during a Fortnite match. Sorry to disappoint!