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Fortnite Close Encounters Disabled: Why, When is It Coming Back?

When is Fortnite Close Encounters coming back? Why is it disabled? These are the questions that many Battle Royale players are wondering right now, especially given that it is Friday, school is out for some students, and the weekend is almost here. As such, many players are attempting to jump into the Close Encounters limited time mode to no avail.

That is because Fortnite Close Encounters has been disabled by Epic Games suddenly. We’ve got the lowdown on what’s happening, what you can do, and when we think it will be back up. Let’s get started with what’s happening right now with the limited time mode.

Fortnite Close Encounters Disabled: Why is It Disabled?

Why is Fortnite Close Encounters disabled? Well, according to the official Twitter account, it is because of an issue with the limited time mode. The issue is unspecified so we have no idea currently what it may be. It would have to be significant, though, for Epic Games to completely take the mode down for investigation.

When is Fortnite Close Encounters Coming Back?

When is Fortnite Close Encounters coming back? Epic Games is being so vague about the issue as they investigate it so we aren’t entirely sure when it will actually be back. Our guess is that if it isn’t back by tomorrow, we won’t see it until next weekend most likely. There are some reasons why we think this.

Fortnite Close Encounters Disabled: What You Should Do

As always, keep an eye in the meantime to know when Fortnite Close Encounters will return for you to play it. However, we don’t think it will return too soon as Epic Games has replaced it with the Solid Gold limited time mode as they investigate. This most likely means they expect it to be gone for a good bit of time potentially. Until it comes back, we recommend checking out Solid Gold and other modes available.