H1Z1 1.14 Update Patch Notes: What Has Been Fixed?

H1Z1 has seemingly taken the PS4 landscape by storm over the past few days, and it’s showing no signs of letting up. With the 1.14 update, developers Daybreak Game Company has added a brand-new mode, polished up a few minor bugs and, as well as that, offered an update on a few issues that they’re tracking. However, some players have been plagued by issues where they seemingly cannot download the patch. Here’s what to do if you’ve come across that issue.

H1Z1 1.14 Update Patch Notes: What Has Been Fixed?

The following H1Z1 1.14 patch notes have been released, per the developer’s post on Reddit:

Game Updates

  • Duos is now unlocked and open for play!
  • The mini-map has been optimized to be more performant.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed odd rendering issues in several locations in the world when you are the driver in a car.
  • Medical items no longer play footstep sound effects.
  • Party leader should now always see the fifth member of their team in the lobby UI.
  • Fixed an issue where PSN profile picture is occasionally not loaded for all team members.
  • Throwables now play their proper “wind-up” animations.
  • Marauder and CNQ-09 now have their proper pick-up items.
  • Marauder and KH-43 now show the correct icons in the death screen panel.
  • Crate opening audio now sounds correct based on player distance from the effect.
  • Fixed several issues that could cause the application to crash.

Coming with rolling server restarts this evening [May 26]

  • Bullet friendly fire has been disabled in Duos and Fives. Please note that explosions and vehicles still damage all players.
  • Extended the Match Start Timer to ensure that players were not skipping the Fort and dropping directly into matches later than other players.

H1Z1 1.14 Update Patch Notes: Why Can’t I Download the Patch?

If you are having trouble downloading this patch (as many players did with the 1.13 update) it appears that the best possible way of finally getting the update to stick is to, unfortunately, stop the download, cancel it, and restart both your console and your game.

H1Z1 1.14 Update Patch Notes: Current Issues

These are the current issues post-1.14 that the developers are hoping to fix in future patches

  • Some players may still see stuck/”infinite” queue time issues – in the meantime, often restarting the application will bypass this.
  • We’re continuing to work to ensure that all who ordered the Nemesis Pre-Order Bundle have received their items (specifically in the EU).
  • We’re working to resolve issues where controls appear to get “stuck” or lose focus (such as not being able to turn your character with the weapon wheel up).
  • Some players are reporting that they group up for Fives matches, but then get placed in separate lobbies – we are continuing to investigate this.