Skate FAQ/Walkthrough

Skate by EA Black Box FAQ/Walkthrough=
by Nate Edwards =
October 26th, 2007 =
Version 1.1 =




Challenges and Contest Types--3.0

Career Missions Walkthrough---4.0
Skateboard Mag-----------4.2
Thrasher Magazine--------4.3
Pro Challenges-----------4.4

Own the Spot------------------5.0

Secrets and Extra Bits--------6.0


1.0- Introduction=

This is a guide to the EA video game Skate (or skate or skate.) from the PS3
point of view by Nate Edwards, KingPenguin7 GameFaqs ID, KingPenguin1029 PS3
ID, written to inform and potentially win a $60 gift certificate from the
Bounty board on GameFaqs. I love this game, and really consider it worthy of
an FAQ to ease the troubles of the message boards.

Not at all complete or formatted how I'd like it to be, (particularly the
walkthrough bit), but I'd like to get the information up on the site, and an
update should be through shortly to get the walkthrough formatted nicely.


October 22, 2007- 0.10
Start of FAQ, most missions have walkthroughs, own the spot section complete,
controls and game concepts stable though not necessarily finished

October 24, 2007- 0.90
Pro Challenges complete, Skateboard Mag complete, walkthrough now organized

October 25, 2007- 1.0
Walkthrough complete, table of contents organized and in a stable, complete

October 26, 2007- 1.1
Capitalization now consistent, one small error fixed about Dem Bonez thanks
to Chris Holmes.

2.0- Controls=

This is considered a unique game mainly due to its emphasis on reality and
its controls based on the analog sticks. Where as in Tony Hawk games you would
simply press the X button to do an ollie, here you must move the right analog
stick down to the bottom, then flick it up to the top. Flip tricks are formed
by combinations of right analog stick movements to various sides, which can be
found in a much easier to understand format either in your trick book in the
game or, if you simply must see it online, at that pdf.
They're meant for the Xbox 360, but clearly left trigger = L2, right trigger =
R2, and B = the circle button. That comes from, not me, but they've got a great guide image-
wise at their site.

You push with either the X button or square button, X being for your right
foot and square for your left, regardless of whether your character is meant
to push regular or mongo.

Manuals are done by holding the right stick part-way down, or up for nose
manuals. You can land in manuals by holding your stick in the correct position
while landing. Any flip trick for your manual position (i.e. they have to
nollie flip tricks for a nose manual, and ollie ones for a manual) can be done
out of a manual if you quickly do the motion with the stick from the position.
Trust me on that, any flip trick can be done, even if it may seem you can only
do shuvits and kick/heelflips.

Spins and backflips/frontflips are controlled with the left stick, moving
clearly in whatever direction you wish to spin. Spins only count in 180 degree
increments as in most skating games, but you can get an extra 90 degrees of
spin by turning the right stick in the direction you're spinning if you're
landing sideways and need it. This is, as far as I know, the only way to do
1080 degree spins and the 540 spin S.K.A.T.E. "cheat".

Grabs are done with either L2 (for your left hand), R2 (for your right), or
both for a double grab. Grabs are tweaked with the right stick, giving you
methods, melons, stiffies and the like. The circle button can be combined with
the L2 and R2 buttons for No Foot Airs, Christ Airs, and Coffins.

There are a few ways to brake in Skate: You can manual, then push all the way
down with your manual for a tailstop, you can hold the circle button to brake
with your foot, you can press down on the left stick for a powerslide, or you
can simply slam into something and bail. Powerslides get the most points and
are generally the fastest besides slamming, but can move you about too much in
your steering if you have a limited space and won't work at slow speeds. Foot
braking takes a while, really not effective at high speeds, reduces steering
but usable at all speeds. Manual to tailstop is pretty inconvenient to do for
some reason, but effective at all speeds and doesn't inhibit steering really.
Slamming clearly ends your lines and can disrupt your position, needs
something to slam into.

Grinds don't require pressing triangle as in Tony Hawk, but you simply land
on the rail or ledge or whatever is grindable. Specific grinds are done by
landing in the position you must be in to grind, so if you want a specific
grind of your choosing, you must use the right analog stick to adjust your
board's position as detailed in that controls pdf listed above. You can also
change your grind while grinding by moving the right analog stick. This is
necessary for the Pro Challenge Technical Benchmark, in which you land in a 5-
0 by holding the right stick down as you land then you take the right analog
stick to the left to morph your grind into a tailslide.

3.0- Challenges and Contest Types=

Spot Battle-
A three round competition at a specific spot (including all 20 ownable spots
in the game and a few extra such as Mini Mega that can still be found in the
game world) to see who among the competitors, taking turns, can do the best
trick at that spot. Bails count automatically end your round. This is the most
popular competition online by far, partly due to its quick gameplay, earning
EXP online at least twice as fast as any other event given that every one
gives the same EXP despite their length differences. Can be very embarassing
as only one skater goes at a time, so everyone is watching what you do, and if
they have a microphone will laugh at your mistakes. All spots are
automatically unlocked online, but ownable spots must be "owned" in the career
for party play offline. Not in the single player career mode specifically.

Best Trick-
My personal favorite. Three rounds at a particular general area (for
instance, the library or the Plan B warehouse) with each round at a different
specific spot. For each round every skater goes at the spot at once, causing
several collisions, especially at the start. Whoever gets the best single
sequence at the spot wins after about two minutes of every skater freely
attacking the spot. Much longer than spot battle, but much less personal since
no one's specifically watching you. Online and single player career mode only.

Like best trick with everyone going at a spot at once, but involving only one
spot (though perhaps with multiple identical rounds) and your CUMULATIVE score
of every trick you do in your two minutes. This is online and in single player
career mode. In single player Jams are extremely easy, as the computer simply
doesn't match your speed in doing tricks.

H.O.R.S.E., but with skating, in case you're not familiar with the real-life
game of S.K.A.T.E.. In single player, this is only against one other person
but online can include four people total. The first guy sets a trick for the
others to either copy or earn a letter in the word SKATE, with someone
collecting every letter in the word losing. This only includes flip tricks and
spins, grabs and grinds don't count. Online the challenge isn't very popular
due to its length and the extreme potential advantage granted to people who
are first or second. If you're fourth in queue for being the trick-setter,
it's a miracle if you're given a chance. You can't repeat any of the last
three tricks done or you lose your trick-setter status. In single player there
are only two SKATE games against amateurs, Shingo and Eric, but then come the
Pro SKATE challenges against all 14 pros in the game, which confers no
material benefit except for the first against P-Rod, which is a Skateboard Mag
mission (the rest aren't). The trick to beating the pros is to copy their
stuff until they bail (they always go first) then do any tricks with 540s in
them by turning both analog sticks in the direction you're turning rather than
just the left one. The pros can't match it and many people online won't figure
it out either if you're in a spot you can 540 on. Available online, in party
play offline multiplayer, and in the single player career.

A race with other skaters, typically down a hill, to see who can get through
the red gate at the end first. There are green gates all along the way to both
guide you and give you extra time on your constant time limit. The rules vary
slightly between different deathraces. Some only allow a certain number of
gates to not be gone through, where as others simply let the time limit
convince you to go through gates. Online missing gates costs you ten seconds
per gate skipped. Single player and online only.

Spot Race- An online only event I haven't personally ever been in. It
involves a deathrace with trick requirements, but I haven't ever found other
people to play when trying to enter it (which hasn't been that many times, but
I still didn't find any).

Films- Films give you a maximum of three specific requirements, for instance,
grind for a certain distance or remain in a no skate zone. Then you choose
where you think you can do that in thirty seconds and go there and start the
challenge by pressing R1 to select your film challenge then triangle to start

Photos- At a specific place you're given a specific objective, which could
involve points or a certain number of flip tricks or things like that.

Follow Me- You must follow another character for a distance, staying within a
certain distance from them until you reach the destination.

4.0- Career Missions Walkthrough=

In career mode, you are given a widening non-linear challenge system, with a
few missions you must do before you unlock a range of missions you choose from
to fill up the "coverage bars" for Skateboard Mag and Thrasher Magazine. The
coverage bars allow you to choose which missions you want to do, with every
mission counting the same amount towards your coverage with the magazine that
mission is associated with. Once the bar is filled up (or at times nearly
filled), you unlock a special mission (usually a photo) for that magazine to
actually get coverage in that magazine and come closer to unlocking the next
tier of missions for it. Due to this non-linearity, this guide is not written
in order as there is no specific order you must take beyond the first few
missions. Notes are made as to what missions unlock what as the guide goes on.

Note: If you can't find the Thrasher missions, chances are that you are not
pressing triangle on your map to cycle through mission types.

One more note: All entries in the following walkthrough followed by dashes
are requirements the game will list in the bottom right corner, and should
match the game exactly.

4.1- Tutorials=

You enter your career at the community center, where you're forced to either
do or skip several tutorial missions, but must do the Rolling Rehab film.

Tutorial: Flickit!
Learn to ollie, ollie higher, kickflip, heelflip, and pop shuvit. check the
controls section for more info.

Tutorial:Pushing & Timing
Learn to push and time your jumps.
-Push a few times
-Land on the parkade things

Tutorial:Air & Grabs
Learn to jump off ramps and do grabs and spins.

Learn to grind, see controls section.
-Do 2 grinds

First Film (immediately entered after tutorials): Rolling Rehab
-Do 1 flip trick
-Do 1 grab
-Skate for 15 seconds
It's only a 15 second long time limit, and you can crash without failing, so
it's not a hard video at all if you have just listened to the tutorials on how
to flip trick and grab.
Unlocks: SM:SKATE: S.H.I.N.G.O and Tutorial: Nollies
New Assorted Brand Merchandise available

Tutorial:Nollies (with Paul Rodrigez)
Watch your first "pro introduction and sponsors" video then follow P-Rod
around the community center, doing nollies (with tricks if you want) inside
the huge cube zones along the course. No problem if you do the nollies, not a
hard course to follow.
-Stay within 150 ft
-Nollie in all gates
-Reach the lot
New Playable character: Paul Rodrigez

Tutorial:Manuals (with Jason Dill)
Learn to flip into and out of manuals
-Fliptrick into Manual
-Stay in Manual
-Fliptrick from Manual
New Playable Character: Jason Dill

Tutorial: Scoring a line (with Mike carroll)
Learn about multipliers and lines at the elementary school.
-Get a X1.5 multiplier to start a line
-Get 800 points in a Line
New Playable Character: Mike Carroll

Tutorial: Advanced Grinds (with Chris Haslam)
Learn flipping into and out of grinds at the elementary school.
-Flip into a grind
-Do a long grind
-Flip out of the grind
New Playable Character: Chris Haslam

Tutorial: Pumping (with Danny Way)
Learn to pump for speed in pipes and bowls at the community center.
Unlocks: New playable character Danny Way

4.2- Skateboard Mag Missions=

S.K.A.T.E.: S.H.I.N.G.O.
Beat your friend Shingo easily at your introductory game of Skate. Look in
Chapter 3 of this guide for more info on the game type.
Unlocks: Follow Me: Follow Shingo and Tutorial: Manuals

Follow Me: Follow Shingo
Follow Shingo to the elementary school
-Stay within 180 ft
-Get to the school
Unlocks SM:Photo: My first Photo!!

Photo: My First Photo!!
Seb takes a photo of you on the rail in front of the elementary school for
coverage in SM. Session markers are introduced to you.
-Hit up the stairs
-Get 100 points
-Do 1 grind
Unlocks: SMFILM: Filming 101
Tutorial: Scoring a line
Tutorial: Advanced Grinds
"New Magazine T-Shirt Available"

Film: Filming 101
-Get 500 points
-Do 2 grinds
Unlocks: SMBESTTRICK: Community Spirit!

Best Trick: Community Spirit!
Shingo calls you to invite you to the Best Trick contest back at the
community center.
Best Trick rules, not hard at all. Competitors rarely exceed 250 points.
After beating it, you have to go to Regs in The Res and meet their group to
see your coverage before unlocking any more main challenges.
"New Band T-Shirt available"

-------------------After first Coverage bar filled---------------------------
Unlocks: Jam: Jubba Jingle Jam and "Regs t-shirt"

Jam: Jubba Jingle Jam
Jam for 2 minutes in the Regs Skatepark. Easy, in my game 2nd place got 1800
Unlocks: Area Regs Skate Park and Film: Regs Shop Film
New band t-shirt available

Film:Regs shop film
-Get 1000 points.
You'll almost certainly just do this in the art gallery area.
Unlocks: second tier of Skateboard Mag challenges and the opening of the
Thrasher challenge, Photo: Photo G.
Unlocks: Jam:Poolside Chill
Films: Grinding Teeth, Tapeheads, Summer of Slam, Line'em Up, Crank it, and
Photo: Stack my Tables and Gap it Up
S.K.A.T.E.:Mail Order
Best Trick: Rail Fest
Thrasher Photo:Photo G
and "Assorted Brand merchandise"

------------------ Tier 2 of Skateboard Mag challenges ---------------------
Film:Grinding Teeth
-Get 1250 points
-Do 3 grinds
-Total 30ft grind
I did this one at the cathedral on the many little ledges around it. Flip in
and out of your grinds and you'll have plenty of time left.

-Get 1500 points
-Do a 21 ft jump
-manual to fliptrick to manual
I did this part at the Hellavator spot at the top of the spillway run. The
initial jump where the actual spot is should get you both the points and the
21 ft jump then just do the manual to fliptrick to manual at your leisure flat
on the ground.

Film:Line 'em Up
-Get 2000 points.
At your discretion where to do this one, probably easier in a skatepark or a
similar area, but this can be easily done just grinding down the medians of
streets in the Res. I did it outside the Plan B warehouse on different ledges
and rails, but it's really not the easiest spot.

-Get 2250 points
-Do 3 manuals
-Grind to fliptrick to grind
These requirements aren't entirely compatible, but can still be done nearly
anywhere. If you see a grindable object with any length at all, then there's
the third requirement. Three manuals can clearly be done anywhere. The 2250
points will require you to possibly do more than just one grind to fliptrick
to grind combo for the points, making that likely the toughest requirement for
the video.

Film:Summer of Slam
-Do 3 grabs
-8s of air
-Total 720 deg spin
I did this in Regs Skatepark, Just jump and grab and spin for every move, you
should have plenty of time if you're in an area with real ramps.

Film:Crank It
-Get 2000 points
-Do a 30ft grind
-Total 540 deg spin
I always like doing the long grind films down the median of the road just up
the hill from Regs. That's where I did this. Combined with fliptricks, the
grind should get you nearly all the points, at least giving you a multiplier
to get them. Just spin with three different moves to get the spins.

Photo:Gap it Up
A tricky gap, really one of the hardest photos for me. You need a good flip
trick over a hard gap here with a long ride-up to it, so it takes time to try
over and over.
-Clear the Gap
-Get 300 points
I ended up doing a fakie laser flip cab 360. Pretty tough for a beginner,
I've got to say. It got 439 points I think. Multipliers are turned off for
this challenge.

S.K.A.T.E.:Mail Order
See rules of Skate. It's against Eric, not a pro so not especially hard.
Don't try the 540 cheat, there's not enough room for it here. Hardest trick
Eric did against me: 360 pop shuvit 360

Best Trick:Rail Fest
Library Best Trick contest with no security. Highest scores from my opponents
when I played:
Round 1:617
Round 2:233
Round 3:481
New Band t-shirt available

Best Trick:Preparation B
Plan B warehouse best trick contest. Only 2 opponents. Highest enemy scores:
Round 1:821
Round 2:656
Round 3:427
New band t-shirt available

Photo:Stack My Tables
-Get 400 Points
-Do 1 Grind
-Do 1 Flip Trick
This is at a stack of picnic tables at the elementary school. It doesn't
really take very tough flip tricks, but flipping in and out will help.

Jam:Poolside Chill
Your "first" (not necessarily your first) pool jam. Just three people, and
jams are always easy as long as you don't bail more than a few times. Just
keep your tricks varied, keep your multiplier, and don't worry about doing
specific unbeatable tricks when you can do a bunch of small ones. Only tricks
that start of end in the pool count.
Highest opponent score: 7,894
New Band T-shirt available

--------------------After second coverage bar filled-------------------------
Unlocks: Photo:Storefront
Another coverage photo for the Skateboard Mag, this one to be a storefront
photo for Reg's. You must land on the ledge next to the rails from the art
gallery area, doing a manual on it, then gapping out into the street. If
you're up to speed, the gap part won't be a problem, but rather simply the
manual if you still don't have landing in a manual down yet. Hopefully Jason
Dill's Manual tutorial got that into you. Just land with your right stick
slightly back in the manual position, then flick it up at the end of the ledge
to ollie out (no fancy fliptricks necessary).
Unlocks: All pro challenges: Smith Securigrind, P-Rod Tech to Hubba, Busenitz
Wall Gap, Cole Gap to Grind, Ali Bridge Plunge, TK's Rail Challenge, Carroll's
Challenge, Hsu's Eduskate, Dill Kinked Manny, and Haslam Bump to Bar
New Band T-Shirt available
After this challenge, you must complete a pro challenge to get your board
sponsor. The first one you beat isn't necessarily the one you have to pick,
but I'd recommend searching on your map for which challenge is for your
sponsor preference (it always mentions the board sponsor it unlocks in the
description of the challenge after you select a challenge on your map.) all
other challenges are locked to you until you get your board sponsor.

-----------------------After third coverage bar filled-----------------------
Unlocks:Photo: Who the Hell Is?
-Ledge to middle rail
-Do 1 flip trick
-Do 1 grind
A sort of tough blind gap from a ledge to the middle rail on a huge stairset.
No points requirement, so any flip and any grind will do. This is for your 3rd
coverage in SM.
Unlocks:Gallant Step up pro challenge
New Magazine T-shirt available

--------------------------After fourth coverage bar filled-------------------
Unlocks: Photo:P.O.T.E.
-Sequence on top of shelter
-Get 400 points
Product of the environment for Skateboard Mag coverage. A lot of people have
trouble with this one, and I have before too. You have to jump off of a very
small and uneven sidewalk bend kicker and jump up to either a grind or manual
on top of the bus stop for the photo. 400 points does actually require a bit,
you can't just ollie up there and grind. The ramp is very awkward, sometimes
sending you straight forward and about 1 in 10 times works just right to send
you up on that bus stop. There's some strange timing you'll have to get used
to with it. I did a nollie kickflip 360 to manual, because it's hard to get
enough jump out of a tough flip trick.
Unlocks: SMFILM:Sponsor Film, and a new band t-shirt
Your sponsor rep pro will call you saying the team is making a new video, so
you have to film a generic 2500 point video to go on with your Skateboard Mag

Film: Sponsor Film
-Get 2500 points
can be done anywhere, clearly, but a skatepark is still probably easiest. I
just did it at the basketball court near P.O.T.E.'s challenge because I was
there, but it's not recommended at all.
You get a video of the group at Regs extolling your skating virtues directly
after beating it.
Unlocks: Third tier of SM challenges:
FILMS: Major Malfunction, 11 O'Clock News, Be the Board, Metal
Detector, Elbow Jam, Sick Day
Photos: HOLE IN THE WALL and Manny Madness
BESTTRICK: Matrix Madness
Assorted Brand Merchandise
"Awarded 1st Pro model" which means you unlock a deck from your sponsor, it's
not actually custom.
You're a pro now. Yay!

-----------------------------Third tier of challenges------------------------
Film: Major Malfunction
-Get 3000 points
-Do 4 grinds
-Total 60ft grind
I did this right at the Carroll pro challenge ledges. Just get somewhere that
you can keep jumping onto and grinding with enough speed to get some grind
distance. Flip in and out for the points. Don't bail. Simple.

Photo:Hole in the Wall
You must jump through a very awkward hole, WHILE doing a crazy fliptrick.
This challenge sucks. I did a nolle FS 360 shuvit 180. You'll have to get used
to the curvature of the ground in front of it. I'd suggest rolling down the
hill you're given then keeping straight rather than adjusting before you get
to the hole, because the area in front of the hole is bent towards the right,
so you'll come right to the hole if you just stay straight the way you were.
-Jump through the Hole
-Get 150 points

Photo:Manny Madness
Here you have to manual across two boxes in a row, or at least skate both and
do 2 manuals, if you can find a way around that. I hear that this can be
easier if you attack it from the opposite side that the game sets you up for
it, because then you won't have to make any big jumps just to get on the
boxes. I personally don't like that, and can't do it that way. This has caused
some people trouble on the online forums.
-Skate both Boxes
-Do 2 manuals

Best Trick: Matrix Madness
A no security best trick at the Matrix against pros. Others' best scores:
Round 1:438
Round 2:735
Round 3:621
New band t-shirt available

S.K.A.T.E.: Pro SKATE- P-Rod
Beat P-Rod at S.K.A.T.E., using the 540 trick of turning both sticks to spin,
and you'll get SM coverage, and unlock the tedious Pro SKATE missions, which
won't benefit you any. Haslam is next.

Film:Metal Detector
-Get 4000 points
As always, can be done anywhere theoretically. I did it on the Plan B
warehouse halfpipe with several flip to grab combinations.

Photo:Year's Best
-Gap in front of pillars
-Get 500 points
-Do 1 grab
You have to gap the transition over the little hump in front of the pillars
in the pool at PJ Ladd's mansion. A backflip or frontflip should basically
guarantee you make it. I did a nosebone backflip to beat it.
Unlocks:Follow Me: The Artist
New Magazine T-shirt available

Film:Be the Board
-Do 5 grabs
-Get total 10s air
-Total 1080 deg spin
I did this at PJ Ladd's mansion pool, just keep grabbing and spinning in a
place with consistent air opportunities. No score requirement.

Film:Elbow Jam
-Get 4250 points
-Do a 45ft grind
-Manual to fliptrick to grind
I love to do this sort of video at the median just up the hill from Regs, as
you may have already found out. Just get on top of the median, get in a
manual, and flip into a grind on the median. If that one wasn't quite 45ft,
the next one will be due to your speed. For the points, flip in with spins,
flip out with some too from your grinds. Multipliers after your 45ft grind
should give the points to you somewhat easily.

Film:Sick Day
-Get 4,500 Points
-Do 6 Grinds
-Total 1080 deg spin
I did this at a long ledge outside the elementary school. Find an area with
consistent grinds, do a nice combo worth a times 3 multiplier, and do enough
spins, and this should be yours eventually.

Film:11 'o Clock News
-Get 3,250 Points
-Do a 24 ft jump
-Grind to Fliptrick to Manual
Still easiest to do a big jump one at the X Games mega ramp. YOu probably
won't have unlocked it yet, but I just let this one sit until I beat the game
(you don't have to beat every challenge to do it). Otherwise, you can still
find jumps that big at other places, possibly helped by the grab exploit
listed in the secrets section. The points and third requirement are still a
problem after you find the jump, though, so it's a pretty tough challenge
without a mega ramp. You'll have plenty of time to mosey to the street course
for the third requirement there.

-------------------------After fifth coverage bar filled---------------------
Photo: New Jack
For more SM coverage, you have to gap an alleyway. no tricks necessary, but
they'll look cooler in the magazine. The gap's sort of tough. If you don't try
anything fancy and time your jump right, you'll be fine. Try to land at the
lower part, not to your left.
New band t-shirt available
Wheel sponsorship, head to Regs to claim it.

------------------------Nearly filled sixth coverage bar---------------------
Skateboard Mag Pro Challenge:Technical Benchmark
PJ Ladd is opening up his new mansion in the upper left corner of the map,
and you have to do an FS 5-0 to tail on a bench to unlock the area for you and
keep on with the Skateboard Mag challenges. You must be either goofy or switch
normal to do this, (or do a 180 into it, but why would you?) because this has
to be FS. A lot of people online have trouble with this, but just stay at a
slow speed, facing the bench, land with the stick back for the 5-0, then drag
it left to switch into a tailslide midway.
Unlocks:SMPHOTO:Year's Best for coverage
Unlocks PJ Ladd, his gear, and the mansion pool

------------------------Seventh coverage bar nearly filled-------------------
Film:Sponsor Film
All other SM challenges are locked, so do that sponsor film now. WHerever you
like, just get 5000 points. Again, skatepark halfpipes and big grind like the
one I just did at the median outside Regs can do this for you. Just get the
points. You get another yay for you video of the Regs gang praising your video
Unlocks Photo:The Cover

Photo: The Cover
Gap down a 22 set for the cover and the end of SKateboard Mag missions
(except the few you didn't finish to get here, because you don't actually have
to beat them all to get to this point, but they're not necessary anyway.) I
did a nollie triple kickflip 540, which got 756 points, way more than needed.
Just line up perpendicular with the stairs so you have the shortest distance
to jump, otherwise you'll land on the stairs. Time your jump well, and get
more pop by trying a simpler flip motion.
-Gap Stairs
-Get 475 points
Unlocks:XGames: Skateboard Megaramp and Skateboard Street and the Mega
compound if you've beaten the Thrasher cover already.

4.3- Thrasher Challenges=

Photo: Photo G
First Thrasher mission, a photo at the cathedral corner ledge.
-Get to the ledge curve
-Get 400 points
-Do 1 grind
Unlocks:THFILM:First Things First
New Playable Characters Sammy and Mike
New Magazine T-shirt available

Film:First Things FIrst
-Stay in a No-skate zone
-get 1000 points
Unlocks: THFOLLOWME:Follow Freeway
I just did it at the cathedral, no trouble, just get the points without
getting hit by the security guard or bailing.

Follow Me:Follow Freeway
Meet Freeway and follow him in a long hill bomb to the Thrasher oriented
skate shop Slappy's. Watch out for cars. Probably the toughest follow me
mission, though the Gonz's later is much longer. The course can vary here, but
you're always going to end up at slappy's. You see your first Thrasher photo
-Stay within 210 ft
-Get to Slappy's
Unlocks:Deathrace:Race to Slappy's
New playable character slappy
Slappy's T-shirt
Skate Shop Slappy's

Deathrace:Race to Slappy's
Amateur deathrace down to Slappy's. Go through the gates for more time, but
they're not required beyond your time limit. Follow the road and you'll be
fine (trying any shortcuts will tend to yield bad results. Trust me, no matter
how twisty the road is around that 3rd gate, just go down the road seciton)
Unlocks DIY Skatepark
Unlocks:First tier of Thrasher challenges:
Films:Hallowed Ground, Hit and Run, Sight Unseen, Off the Deep End,
Ghetto Blasters, Churning Buddha
Deathraces unlocked: Hell's Bowels, Dead End Bomb, Miss the Bus
Photos unlocked: Rainbow Rail, MANUAL LABOR, OVER THE WALL
Jam unlocked: Bowl Control
New playable character: Freeway

--------------------------First tier of challenges---------------------------
Film: Hallowed Ground
-Remain in a No-skate zone
-Get 1500 points
-Do 4 grinds
I did this, appropriately enough, at the cathedral. Just grind some in a no-
skate zone and you'll be fine.

Photo: Over the Wall
watching out for security, get 250 points by airing over a wall with a grab.
Not too tough of a gap, but can still take a few tries. If you do a 360 and
tweak your grab, you should beat the points requirement.
-Jump over the wall
-Get 250 points
-Do 1 grab

Deathrace: Hell's Bowels
A really fun deathrace through the spillway. Lots of small obstacles like the
manny pad ledges can screw you up, but you'll tend to pass everyone in the big
crossover pipes. There's a big jump at the end that can ruin you, but just
make sure you're up to speed and pick one and JUMP EARLY. Not too early, just
don't actually wait for your board to be halfway off, you'll be fine if you
jump even halfway up the huge ramps. Jumping too late will cause you to try to
wallride what you should be jumping over, and you'll lose the race no matter
what. Coming out of the big crossover pipes for the last time, you'll likely
fall due to the drop, but don't worry too much about it. You can solve that by
landing on the curved places left or right of where you fall out, but those
can cause you trouble later. I just picked myself up really quickly and I
still won by a long amount of time.

-Manual Entire Ledge
-Do 2 flip tricks
Just flip in and out of a manual all the way down this ledge near the
library. Not really hard, but make sure you get into that manual early or the
game might not count it as all the way. You can jump out earlier than you
think for that flip out, most likely, so don't wait until you run of the edge
to try a flip trick.

Photo:Rainbow Rail
This is at the parkade near the X-Games.
-Clear the Gap
-Get 350 points
-Do 1 grind
There's a small curved rail going over the parkade exit that will give you a
gap over it. Just flip in and out of the grind and you'll get the points.
There's a kicker next to the rail that's misleading, you shouldn't use it.
Just jump off of flat ground onto the rail.

Film:Churning Buddha
-Stay in a No-Skate Zone
-Get 3000 points
I did this at the Cathedral, due to its clear no-skate area (some seem random
with where you're in and where you're out of the no-skate zone).

Film:Hit and Run
-Get 1750 points
-Do a 30 ft Jump
-Do a 15 ft Powerslide
Of course there's basically nowhere better to do this than the X Games mega
ramp. You definitely get the 30 ft jump and the points if you do a jump worth
the huge jump. The powerslide should be gotten when going back up the ramp you
landed on after the first jump, just after you get back down the huge

Film:Off the Deep End
-Do 3 Grabs
-Total 8s Air
-Total 15 ft Grind
Because I was there, I did it at the X Games Street Course. This can be done
even just on a curb. All you have to do really is jump for 3 grabs, get your
grind, then keep jumping for the rest of the 30 seconds for your air.

Jam:Bowl Control
A Jam in the bowl area inside the DIY Park. Two rounds against just Mike and
Sammy, AKA amateurs.
Unlocks:New band t-shirt available

Film:Sight Unseen
-Stay in a No-Skate Zone
-Get 2000 points
-Nose Manual to Fliptrick to Nose Manual
I did this at the lakeside area no-skate zone.

Film:Ghetto Blasters
-Do 3 grinds
-Do 15 ft powerslide
-720 total deg spin
I did this at the lakeside area, doing the powerslide up and back down the
loopy thing.

Deathrace:Miss the Bus
A race from the Ladd mansion to the elementary school. I found this one
pretty easy, as the gates are wide, mainly just follow roads, and your
opponents aren't too tough. There's one tricky part where the course leaves
the road shortly, so you want enough of a lead by that point to where you can
afford to crash there.

Deathrace:Dead End Bomb
A race in the lower suburbs. Sort of tough, lots of obstacles and weaving to
reach gates, but not all that long. The time limit is rather restrictive, so
don't miss gates. You can luck out right at the start though, as most of your
opponents will likely bail on one of the first two gates.

------------------------After first coverage bar filled----------------------
Photo: Something Else
Go up to Zen Plaza to do this at a weird spot with three rocks. Don't run
into the boulders and this will be easy.
-Air the Boulders
-Do 1 grab
For second coverage in Thrasher, clearly.
New band t-shirt available
Shoe sponsorship available, pick it up at Slappy's.
New shoes available

------------------------After second coverage bar filled---------------------
Unlocks:Photo: Hall of Meat
This is a fun long hill and jump where your mission is to get hurt: you have
to break at least 4 bones. It's fun, just go down and jump off the ramp on
your left side, into the tree will help. Christ Air backflip attempts will
usually get you hurt, especially if you let go of the grab halfway through the
-Break 4 bones
Unlocks:Pro Challenge:Rattray Over the Board
New Magazine T-shirt available

------------------------After third coverage bar filled----------------------
Unlocks:Photo:Lunatic Fringe
A gap from the hospital to the parkade with a flip trick to grab. It's not
really a hard gap to make if you're up to speed.
-Gap down to the parkade
-Do 1 grab
-Do 1 flip trick
Unlocks Film:Sponsor Film
New Band t-shirt available

Film:Sponsor Film
-Get 3500 points
Anywhere. I've already gone over these points-only things.
Unlocks:Second tier of Thrasher challenges:
FILMS: Road Rash, Bonecracka, Public Disturbance, Mountain Man,
Keep Rollin', 4 Wheelin'
Deathraces:THE BURBS TO THE ZEN, Old Town Massacre, DIY Slam
Photos:Hop Scotch, and Picnic Table Blast
Jam:Boom Slang! and Clean Da Pipes
Awarded 2nd Pro Model (again, just another deck, not actually custom)

-------------------------Second tier of challenges---------------------------
Photo:Hop Scotch
-Sequence the Islands
-Get 440 Points
There are two different ledges, so just jump and grind or manual on both of
them in a sequence for 440 points. I find this one sort of tough compared to
most photo challenges.

Film:Mountain Man
-Get 4750 points
-Do a 60 ft Jump
-Total 720 deg spin
I did this at the X games mega ramp. It's the only place I can think of
unless you use the landing exploit mentioned in the controls section.

Film:Keep Rollin'
-Total 12 s Air
-Total 15 ft Grind
-Fliptrick to Grab to Grind
I did this at the X games street area, just start up near where the first
best trick round happened, poised to attack the funbox then jump off of as
many ramps as you can find. The res medians are really a better spot for this.
Just keep jumping and grinding down the median for the air and grind,
obviously throwing in that fliptrick to grab to grind.

Deathrace:DIY Slam
3 laps around DIY Park. You can choose a gate (I recommend the third one) and
just skip it every time if you're confident you'll make it through the rest.
Offline, this will give you so much more time, given that you're allowed to
miss 3 gates before the fourth miss fails you. Make sure to grab to get under
the bar at the fourth gate. (Don't do this online, it will give you an extra
ten seconds to your time for every gate you miss.)

Jam:Clean Da Pipes
A double halfpipe in the suburbs. Just jam, it's never that tough against
computer opponents as long as you don't bail so much. The multiplier should
kill the competition. Be sure to pump.
Highest opponent score: 11,073
New Band T-shirt available

Jam:Boom Slang!
Snake Run jam for 2 rounds. Sort of tough due to the unorthodox course, but
just be sure to vary your tricks and don't bail a whole lot. Grinds on the
benches count for a lot because you'll run out of different tricks quickly in
the air.
Highest opponent score:1,818
New Band T-shirt available

Photo:Picnic Table Blast
Make a gap by grinding the picnic table leading to it. The game advises you
to get on the table early for a bigger ollie. You don't technically have to
grind the table, but it certainly helps with the points. If you do some spins
and flip tricks, you'll beat the point requirement.
-Blast over the gap
-Get 600 points

Deathrace:Old Town Massacre
A really surprisingly tough race. Don't worry about the gates on the opposite
side of the road from you, you shouldn't run out of time as long as you get
the gates on one side of the road. You really need a little bit of luck to win
it, it's just so tough, even if you don't crash which is pretty near

Film:Road Rash
-Remain in a No Skate Zone
-Get 4,000 Points
-Do 6 Grinds
I did this one at my favorite no skate zone, near the lakeside. Grinds and
fliptrick combos can get you the points, but it is still pretty difficult.

-Do 6 Grabs
-Total 30 ft Grind
-Total 10 s Air
The median outside and up the hill from Regs is my favorite for this
challenge. Get the grind done right off, then just jump up and down, doing
grabs in every jump, on flat ground.

Film:Public Disturbance
-Get 4,500 Points
-Do a 15ft Powerslide
-Total 90ft Grind
Down the median again was my spot. Get the points and the grind distance
going down, then if you have enough speed at the bottom of the hill, you can
get that powerslide in too.

Film:4 Wheelin'
-Remain in a No Skate Zone
-Get 5,500 Points
The lakeside is again my favorite for big points in no skate zones. Just
grind the sides of the many ledges with the best flip tricks you can muster,
hopefully pretty good by this late point in the game.

(Don't ask me why it's in all caps.) You know from that title that this is
from the suburbs to Zen plaza, and is therefore rather long. That means that
you are likely to win if you race it all the way through and don't crash a
lot. You will be going crazily fast after the first bit if you don't crash.
There is one fairly obvious shortcut if you watch your map in the first half.
It doesn't help a lot, but skips a gate that the computer tends to skip too by
taking two 45 degree turns instead of one 90 degree one. Your choice whether
to take it or not, but you probably should.

-------------------------Fourth coverage bar filled--------------------------
Really simple challenge, but may still take a few tries. Just do a grind at
the graffiti-covered coping in the pool. I tend to feel compelled to do it a
few times until I make a cool photo, because this one's very easy.
-Grind Graffiti Coping
-Do a 6 ft Grind
New Band T-shirt available
Trucks sponsorship
After trucks sponsor chosen: Pro Challenge: Chalmers Transfer unlocked

-------------------------Fifth coverage bar filled---------------------------
-Ride the Hubba
-Do 1 Grind
This challenge comes up with some really cool photos, and will seem really
easy, given all you have to do is grind the ledge.
You get a message that Pat Duffy is at the Matrix
Unlocks: Pro Challenge: Duffy Double-Kink
New Band T-shirt available

-------------------------Sixth coverage Bar nearly filled-------------------
Unlocks:Film:Sponsor Film
-Get 6,000 Points
Get these points for the last challenge on Thrasher you have to do. Need
help? Chances are you've unlocked the X Games, an easy place to get points,
but if not, the Plan B halfpipe can rack them up too. Good combos down that
median of mine near Regs can even do the trick. Same advice as before, really,
just do a little bit better. If you do it, you're Thrasher Skater of the Year.
Unlocks:Photo:Skater of the Year

Photo:Skater of the Year
This is your cover shot, and will technically finish your Thrasher storyline.
This is the hardest photo challenge of the game, for me at least. I can't
stand this challenge. There's a humped bridge, and you have to flip trick in
and out of a grind on the outside edge of it. It's hard to get up to speed,
hard to hit the edge, hard to flip out over a little ledge. It's just hard.
You have to find the perfect spot to get you on that outside edge and make
sure you keep your flip tricks and grinds simple. Don't spin, or else you risk
grinding in a boardslide and falling. You'll fall a lot anyway. Or maybe
you'll hit this first try. It's sort of annoying like that. If you keep
straight with where the game puts you and just push up it, you should be lined
up to grind the outside edge.
-Hit the outside edge
-Do 2 Flip Tricks
-Do 1 Grind
New Location:Mega Compound and its party play spot
All of those are only unlocked if you've also beaten the Skateboard Mag
missions, which most people tend to do first. They're Danny Way's Mega
Compound, with the biggest jumps in the game. That's where double backflips
and the like are done.

4.4- Pro Challenges=

Pro Challenge: Haslam Bump to Bar
For Almost sponsorship. You must fliptrick over the dumpster to the bar
beyond it, then fliptrick out, with a points requirement.
-Bump to the Bar
-Fliptrick to Grind to Fliptrick
-Get 550 points
You'll need somewhat fancy fliptricks, a 360 shuvit going into the grind
should do it.
Unlocks:Chris Haslam if not already unlocked, Chris Haslam's gear, and

Pro Challenge: Carroll's Challenge
For a Girl sponsorhip. Get 600 points on at least three of the six yellow
ledges. I
consider this the easiest Pro challenge.
-Hit 3 of 6 ledges
-Do a line worth 600 points
Unlocks:Mike Carroll if not already gotten, his gear, and a Girl
video/sponsorship availability.

Pro Challenge: Hsu's Eduskate
For Enjoi. A really tough one, possibly the toughest of the board sponsor
challenges. You need to basically flip into and out of a grind on the book
statue, getting 500 points. Multipliers are in effect.
-On the book
-Get 500 points
Unlocks Jerry Hsu, his gear, and the Enjoi sponsorship availability.

Pro Challenge: Dill Kinked Manny
Quote from the game: Fliptrick over the block, land in manual, carry it
through the kink, and fliptrick off the end of the pad. For Alien Workshop.
Kind of hard to figure out what to do here, but make sure you don't change
your session marker from the automatic one given you at the start of the
challenge. Just fliptrick over that little bump into a manual then fliptrick
out of it.
Unlocks Jason Dill's gear and Alien Workshop video and sponsorship

Pro Challenge: Busenitz Wall Gap
This is for a Real sponsorship. You have to ride way down the hill really
fast and wallride this place, jumping off of it to another bank to get across
the small gap. Stay down the sidewalk on the right, don't be fooled into
thinking the ledges on the left that stay up high are where you need to be.
You'll be going very fast, so it'll be pretty hard to control, but make sure
you get on the wallride early (don't try flip tricks, they'll just make this
harder) and then you'll hopefully just lightly tap the wall on the other side
of the gap and fall right onto the bank.
-Ride the Wall
-Jump Wall Gap
-Land It
Unlocks: A $50 credit code for buying Dennis' special "High Score" shoes,
(they cost $150), Dennis Busenitz as a playable character, his gear, his
promo shoe, and a Real sponsorship availability.

Pro Challenge: P-Rod Tech to Hubba
To sign up with Plan B, you need to beat this probably somewhat difficult pro
challenge. you have to do a Nollie 360 flip down to a hubba, so you have to
look up how to do the trick if you can't do it yet. Otherwise, not really a
hard jump or anything, just get the flip down.
-Ride the Hubba
-NOLLIE 360 FLIP to Grind
Unlocks:Paul Rodriguez's Gear and Plan B video and sponsorship availability

Pro Challenge: TK's Rail Challenge
Terry Kennedy has a downtown double-kinked rail for you to grind a good trick
on. This will require a fairly good trick, so work on your flip tricks a bit.
-Grind the Rail
-Get 600 Points
Unlocks:Terry Kennedy, his gear, Baker video and sponsorship availability

Pro Challenge: Smith Securigrind
To get the Mystery sponsorship, you must grind a rail under pressure from
security. Go around, make sure you're being chased by the security guard (the
camera will change and a red arrow will appear), and then grind the rail
however you like without bailing. Not too terribly difficult, though
surprisingly hard to get the security guard's attention.
-Get Chased
-Grind the Rail
Unlocks:Ryan Smith, his gear, and the Mystery video and sponsorship

Pro Challenge: Ali Bridge Plunge
For Flip. Do a crazy blind jump to the ledge next to a huge drop, which will
be smaller by the time you make it to the ledge.
-Make it to the ground
-Do a line worth 500 points
Unlock Ali Boulala, his gear, and the Flip video and sponsorship

Pro Challenge: Cole Gap to Grind
For Zero. Gap from the concrete block to the left rail on a stairset. Pretty
hard to see actually coming. I had a bit of trouble with this, it's a pretty
tough gap to make. I would suggest staying a bit left coming off of the
concrete block so that you don't trip on the stairs. There likely won't be
enough time to push between the block and the gap if you're going fast enough.
-Ride the block
-Jump the Gap
-Grind the Left Rail
Unlocks:Chris Cole, his gear, Zero video, Zero sponsorship ability.

S.K.A.T.E.: Pro S.K.A.T.E.- P-Rod
Beat P-Rod at S.K.A.T.E., using the 540 trick of turning both sticks to spin
if you want or need, and you'll get SM coverage, and unlock the tedious 15 Pro
SKATE missions, which won't benefit you any, besides I guess the sponsorship
Here are all the Pro S.K.A.T.E. games in order:
Rattray (as soon as you beat his pro challenge he'll be the one waiting on
you instead of whoever it would have been.)
PJ Ladd

Pro Challenge: Gallant Step Up
This is the challenge to unlock the Plan B warehouse skatepark indoors. You
should beat this, it will help you finish a lot of videos. You have to do a
little trick on a step up gap that's not at all hard to make for 300 points.
To get under the trailer blocking your way to it, you have to either: Press
down as if you were pumping to go just under it, or just hold L2 or R2 to grab
(or for that matter add circle to coffin, but that'll slow you down)). I did a
nollie double kickflip 180.
-Step it Up
-Get 300 points
Unlocks:Pro challenge: McKay's Grind 'N Flip, Best Trick: Preparation B
Ryan Gallant, his gear, and the Plan B warehouse

Pro Challenge:McKay's Grind 'N Flip
-Hit the bowled corner coping
-Grind to Fliptrick
-Get 800 points
One of the more asked about challenges on the forums. The game suggests that
you get a multiplier on the halfpipe then turn perfectly to grind the coping
and flip out, but that's really tough and takes a long time. I can do advanced
enough flip tricks that I can just get up to the top of the bowled corner,
place a session marker, then do the 800 points from just grinding and flipping
out of it. That's the only way I've ever beaten it. Flip into the trick as
well if you do it my cheap way.
Unlocks Colin Mckay and his gear.

Skateboard Mag Pro Challenge:Technical Benchmark
This is actually required for the Skateboard Mag challenges path, but it's
here too. PJ Ladd is opening up his new mansion in the upper left corner of
the map,
and you have to do an FS 5-0 to tail on a bench to unlock the area for you and
keep on with the Skateboard Mag challenges. You must be either goofy or switch
normal to do this, (or do a 180 into it, but why would you?) because this has
to be FS. A lot of people online have trouble with this, but just stay at a
slow speed, facing the bench, land with the stick back for the 5-0, then drag
it left to switch into a tailslide midway.
Unlocks:SMPHOTO:Year's Best for coverage
Unlocks PJ Ladd, his gear, and the mansion pool

Pro Challenge:Rattray Over the Board
You have to do a grab trick worth 500 points over the diving board of a
backyard pool. Unlocked after a certain number of Thrasher coverage bars is
filled up.
I did a tuck knee 540 over it, with a nollie kickflip I think.
Unlocks:Pro SKATE-Rattray (whoever you're to face next at Pro S.K.A.T.E. is
replaced by Rattray)
New playable character Rattray and his gear

Unlocked after trucks sponsorship: Pro Challenge:Chalmers Transfer
Alex Chalmers at the DIY park wants you to do a transfer from outside to
inside the bowl area there. It's really tricky, as only certain spots on the
ramp will actually take you there, and you have little control over it beyond
that. You have to land on the ramp in the bowl, not in the flat area. I would
suggest that you jump from the right part of the ramp, though you may be
tempted to jump from the left for an angle. I actually fluked it and bounced
off of another wall to land right on the ramp.
-Transfer thru the window
-Get 600 Points
Unlocks: Alex Chalmers, his gear, and the Spillway Park

Pro Challenge: Duffy Double-Kink
A rather intricate pro challenge from Pat Duffy. You must go around the
Matrix (nearly halway around) until you find a ramp up. You also need a
session marker just outside the no-skate zone, so you don't have to go all the
way around every try. You basically just have to get up there, evade security,
then grind almost every inch of the rail. Don't skimp on the grind, you need a
long one.
-Grind the Rail
-Do a 51 ft Grind
Unlocks:Pro Challenge: Rob and Big
and Pat Duffy and his gear

Pro Challenge: Rob and Big
This is also at the Matrix, so you may as well try it right now after beating
Pat Duffy's challenge. This one's rather infamous for its toughness due to the
many requests for help on it online. Despite what the game says, Big Black
really isn't the challenge here. There are a few important tips. First, make
sure you're facing the bench or else you won't be doing an FS Crooked. next,
know how to do both tricks individually. Watch Rob's first little sponsors
video at the end for what you're supposed to do here. It's not that hard for
me, but I already practiced all the flip tricks and can do them on command,
unlike the first time I tried it. Check your trickbook if you have to, for
either trick.
-On the Bench
Unlocks:Rob Dyrdek, his gear, Big Black's gear (you never unlock Big Black),
and the Matrix elevator to get up to this level in the future.

Follow Me: The Artist
Follow Mark Gonzalez to the art gallery through the suburbs and the Res. Not
really tough except for one or two spots where you might not make the jump so
you'll have to go around. When he makes this really great jump gap near the
old pool spot that you'll likely screw up, just turn right; he'll end up going
that way in a second anyway if it's the jump I'm talking about.
-Stay within 240 ft
-Follow Gonz wherever he goes!
Unlocks:A promotional credit towards his shoes, Mark Gonzales, his gear, his
promo shoe, and the Art Gallery

This is unlocked after you make the covers of both magazines. This is a jam
at the mega compound, partly to explore it all. Three rounds against big pros,
so not so easy as all the other jams.
Highest opponent score: somewhere around 18,000. Yeah, it's rough like that.
Unlocks:Danny Way's gear and any remaining sponsor boards
The game gives you a message saying you're now an icon and that the game is
basically over, but you should film videos and freeskate for once. Also, now
any challenges you never beat but still advanced from are given back for you
to complete.

5.0- Own the Spot=

"Spots" are particular areas where a player of Skate may do a trick on, off
of, or near an obstacle of some sort in Career Mode to achieve:

-For each spot the initial score is beaten for, a new party play spot is
unlocked for multiplayer offline (all spots are of course unlocked for
everyone online).
-If all 20 spots are beaten, then a Krooked board is unlocked, meant to be a
"guest board" from Mark Gonzalez.
-Online score bragging rights, as you can see your online ranking at that
spot at any time after originally beating the spot.

Spots are originally hidden, so you have to at least get near them for them
to even appear on your map. They will then stay on your map as points to warp
to forever, giving you more warp points on the map in career mode as well.

Maps of where the spots are on the map can be found at this part of at this addresses:

- Spots 1-20 details -

ABD is the original point value you have to beat to have "owned" the spot.

Spot 1 - Junk Jiving
ABD = 350 points
In-game description- Go down the junk path and hit the ramp to sail over the
gap. Get creative, or this spot will own YOU!

A sort-of awkward little ramp launches to another awkward junk landing spot.
Pretty simple to beat, but high scores will depend on grinding the edge of
your little ramp down, jumping from that into your cool air trick, then
possibly even grinding another piece of junk past the junk car.
Spot 2 - The Right Grind
ABD = 500 points
In-game description- Grind the jersey barrier ledge with enough speed to gap
across to the down-ramp. Watch out for security!

A really rather annoying spot. The best way to attack it is by jumping onto
the ledge that lines direcly up with your grind spot, possibly jumping from a
grind on that ledge to get there for a real score.
Spot 3 - Roof to Rough
ABD = 150 points
In-game description- Air over the alley between the parkade and the house.
Make sure to land on the flat roof or you'll bail!

Pretty difficult to get the initial jump with a good enough flip actually
complete, there will be a lot of slamming into the house's side wall. If
trying to get any sort of high score, offline or online, you'll need to manual
on the house then flip and spin out on the other side.
Spot 4 - Bomb the Bank
ABD = 400 points
In-game description- There are different ways to hit this spot, just remember
you gotta do something on or off the bank for it to count.

In the game, you have to go up the opposite hill to get much of anything
here. Online, you're set up with a somewhat more irritating point, where you
have to thread a needle to make it up the curb and then do your trick. Another
technique with the online spot is to grind the ledge across the street from
the spot and jump up the far bank instead. I don't like it so much, because
you end up going pretty slow most of the time going that way, but you get a
Spot 5 - No Man's Land
ABD = 600 points
In-game description- Bomb down the sidewalk and gap the alley to reach this
spot. It's tight so you'll have to be quick on the right stick to get over the

There are effectively two gaps that must be jumped before you can even do
your trick. Through grinding a ledge, the second gap can be turned into the
trick itself, but make sure you get into the spot's range with where you jump
off of that grind. Make sure you do some flip trick over one of the gaps for
at least a 1.5 multiplier. The second gap is tricky and you'll tend to
wallride the wall below where you need to jump if you end up too low.
Spot 6 - The Old Pool
ABD = 600 points
In-game description- Find a way into the courtyard and shred the pool to own
this spot.

You can get some pretty high scores here given that it's just a pool. You can
get up to a times 3 multiplier and do Christ Air backflips to stalls and other
sorts of crazy nonsense to get lots of points. 600 isn't really hard at all.
You have to enter the pool from the level above it with the pseudo-halfpipe.
There's just a drop to get into the courtyard area.
Spot 7 - Big Ass Wall
ABD = 700 points
In-game description- This wall is tricky to skate at high speeds but you'll
need it to pull off the big tricks and own this spot.

Personally one of my least favorite spots. The place has only a few select
spots that actually allow you to ride all the way up the wall, for instance
the first half of the second graffiti marking on the wall/quarterpipe.
Spot 8 - Are You Nuts?
ABD = 600 points
In-game description- The slam factor is high here but so are the
possibilities. Go nuts on and around this huge stairset. Stick a sick trick,
or get a multiplier first to do it!

Very hard to pull off spot. You can pretty easily pass 600 by flipping into a
grind on the left ledge as it curves around, but my current high score on this
was on a lucky jump onto the middle of the three rails.
Spot 9 - Ramped Up
ABD = 500 points
In-game description- Boost off the huge ramp. Anything off it is fair game.
Own it!

It may take you a minute to find the actual ramp they're talking about,
depending on which way you were coming to find the spot. It's actually up the
hill (the one with the pro S.K.A.T.E. challenges on it) from which you should
ride down the sidewalk at full speed and jump off the side of the staircase,
which works as a ramp. Pulling off a backflip here shouldn't be too hard to
beat the score requirement. The real points come in when you get a backflip
onto the ledge up high, though.
Spot 10 - Clankity Clank
ABD = 350 points
In-game description- The area is small, but the potential is huge. Gaps,
rails, ledges, a barrier, and a ramp. Hit it!

Right outside the Plan B warehouse. Nothing too special, a good flip over all
the stairs can beat it easily, sometimes even online.
Spot 11 - Bent Ledge Park
ABD = 1000 points
In-game description- Grind the pointed ledge, the longer the better.

The ledge can be hard to actually ollie on top of for some reason, so keep
your flip into the grind fairly simple if you only have a few tries at it (for
instance, online).
Spot 12 - Lakeside
ABD = 750 points
In-game description- This spot is anywhere inside the flags and posts.
Everything is game. Get a multiplier and hit it till your board hurts.

Obviously this is beside the center lake. A pretty fun spot with lots to do.
Multipliers are surprisingly necessary here.
Spot 13 - The Claw
ABD = 440 points
In-game description- Either ramp here will get you results, just be creative
with your line.

This is at the entrance to the parking garage there. No real difficulty or
nuance to it.
Spot 14 - Snake's Bank
ABD = 500 points
In-game description- Grind, gap or mix it up from the top of the stairs to
the bottom.

Just an interesting little rail/pointed ledge set. Clearly the flip in to
grind to flip out routine seems to work the best.
Spot 15 - Claustrophobia
ABD = 500 points
In-game description- Clear the gap in this downtown canyon. Things get tight
and you need speed.

There's an awkward jump here that's pretty much required to beat the spot, so
the jump may take several tries. There seems to be a slight glitch on this one
with grinds that take you all the way down the ledge, jumping over and into
the street. The screen says "Spot Owned" but you don't actually get any credit
or "Owned" video for it.
Spot 16 - The Gauntlet
ABD = 350 points
In-game description- Kill the center rail or ledges at the end of the
corridor, watch yourself 'cause this is a heat score.

As the description slangily suggests, the difficulty in this spot at the top
of a downtown hill (in a building with a stocks ticker I believe) lies in
going through a small-ish corridor with a security guard. For true high scores
you can simply do a few flips and grinds in the corridor on the way to the
main rail for a multiplier.
Spot 17 - Curvature
ABD = 550 points
In-game description- Get your swerve on for this one. Grinds are in full

A big swoopy ramp/ledge thing downtown. Online, this spot is easier due to an
expanded area you can trick on. Online you're allowed to land behind the
swoopy thing, but offline you typically aren't.
Spot 18 - A Spot to Stair
ABD = 777 points
In-game description- Make this spot your own by being creative on the stairs.
Don't just settle for anything!

Another awkward gap spot. The simplest thing would be to grind the ledge that
is on your left then jump off of it across the significantly easier gap to the
ledge below it. I've seen backflips done across this gap online.
Spot 19 - Traffic Jam
ABD = 400 points
In-game description- Do a huge grind on this long rail. Watch out for traffic!

Simply a long rail, with a ramp leading up to it if you can jump over the
rail. Traffic isn't actually a concern, given that you'll have landed the move
by the time you actually might get hit. Multipliers are a big help, but hard
to achieve here.
Spot 20 - Hellavator
ABD = 1,001 points
In-game description- Check yourself before you wreck yourself when getting on
and off this epic ledge.
Think: session marker.

Likely the most famous of the spots, particularly on skate.reel. Any
interesting trick to a grind on the huge ledge with a flip out should earn you
this one. Points are surprisingly easy to earn through simply landing the huge
drop, so ollies can nearly pass 1000 points.

6.0- Secrets and Extra Bits=

Not much here, but a few notable things:

There is one secret character: Dem Bonez, who is unlocked by breaking each of
your bones three times as documented by the Thrasher Hall of Meat pop up in
career mode and your injury log. This will just happen over time, I wouldn't
personally want to spend time trying to unlock him unless you only had one
bone left to break.

There is a special landing technique which involves basically landing with
one hand grabbing the board and the other halfway there to grabbing it. I
can't personally help any more than that, but it's supposed to let you land
anywhere with any big drop (typically big drops can only be landed on curved
surfaces, like on mega ramps).

7.0- Credits=

This is all my own work or that of the game besides the previously cited
images from

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