Zone of the Enders FAQ/ Walkthrough


Zone of the Enders


By. Ryan "jestercolony" Nicholson

I. Introduction

II. Copyright Information

III. Updates

IV. Hosted Sites

V. Contact & Policy

1. How to play

- Basic Controls

- Advanced Controls

- World Items

2. The Enemy

- Level Range

- Raptors

- Cyclops

- Mummyheads

- Special Symbols

3. Walkthrough

- Mission 1: Introduction of Jehuty

- Mission 2: Destroy EPS

- Mission 3: Heading to Mars

4. Subweapons and their uses

5. FAQs

6. Cheats

7. Introduction

- Closing Statement

- About the author

- Credits

I. Introduction

Welcome to my ZOE walkthrough. This guide was written to help you

(the player) to get through the Antillia Colony, orbiting around

the planet Jupiter. So prepare yourself to embark on an adventure

unlike any other.

I stumbled on this game one day a few months after I got my first

PS2 when I was about 16. Being stuck over only having MGS2:SOL to

play, I decided it was time to get a new game. I went in to the

local Gamestop of where I live and found a new copy of ZOE which

comes compelete with the MGS2 demo. And lets face it! You bought

the game for the demo, didn't you?

Well - after you probably dusted off the game's case because you

became bored one day. Well no fear. Zone of the Enders was origina-

-lly designed as a test to see how far Hideo Kojima and his team at

Konami could take the PS2's graphic output. Well it turned out to

becoming an actual game that we now known as Zone of the Enders.

Being the fastest runing game at the time ZOE was looked upon like

it was nothing. The only reason why it sold so well was due to the

MGS2 demo. But people who didn't give the game a chance found out

that this game is indeed worthy of playing. The storyline is as

amazing as a MGS game.

The is written and produced by Hideo Kojima - he is considered a

high star in the gaming world for his Metal Gear series.

I hope you enjoy this game as much as I have - because right now

I'm going to get me some coffee.


II. Copyright Information

This guide is copyrighted (c) by me: Ryan Nicholson, 2006. Anyone

caught using this guide on their website without my permission or

attempting to steal the information within this guide without my

approval will be delt with by legal actions.

It is illegal to steal someone's copyrighted work. So don't steal!

When to Use this guide:

1. You may use this guide for your own personal use of study.

2. You may print this guide.

3. You may share this guide with friends.

4. You may post this guide on your website once you have

my premission.

When not to use this guide:

1. Copying this guide and then publishing it as your own


2. Printing this guide and selling it for your own profit.

3. Puting this guide on your website without my approval.

4. Taking out information from this guide without my consent.

(Give credit where it is due!)

Zone of the Enders is copyrighted by Konami.


III. Updates

12/18/06 - Version: 1.0

- 100% Game Walkthrough is finished.

- Enemy Information added

- Subweapon information added

- FAS added

- Cheats added

Whew thats a lot of stuff ^^; Until next time...


IV. Hosted Sites

(Want to host this guide? Look at my contact section


GameFAQs -


V. Contact & Policy

Would you like to get in touch with me so that I can answer your

gaming questions? Or would you like to contribute to this guide

or praise me? Or even crittic my skills? Then go ahead!

You can get in contact with me at the following screen names.

AIM: PneumaMorte

Yahoo: TheShatteredSphere

MSN: [email protected]

You can also e-mail me at:

[email protected]

[email protected]

But be cautioned There are some rules I would like you to


1. When msging me on a messenger please be patient

until I can get to you.

2. If you try to bash me online you will be ignored


4. When e-mailing me please give me a few days

to respound and if it is reguarding the game

please type in the following.

A. Game Help: ZOE-HELP!

B. Game Contribute: ZOE-CON!

C. Crittique/Errors ZOE-ERROR

But that is pretty much it. Just follow the simple rules and

you should be fine!


1. How To play

- Basic Controls

Triangle Button: Raise Jehuty

X Button: Lower Jehuty

Circle Button Grab & Throw (when close to an enemy) or

Subweapon (when furtherst away from enemy)

Square Button: Long Range Attack or Melee attack

R1: Shield

R2: Dashing or if still burst mode.

L1: Lock-on to enemy or structure

L2: Desengages from enemy battle.

Start: Pulls up the Main Menu

Right Analog Stick: Moves Jehuty

Left Analog Stick: Moves Camera rotation

- Advaced Controls

Burst Attack 1: When far away from the enemy stand still + R2

button will allow Jehuty to create a huge sphere

to throw at his enemies.

Burst Attack 2: When it close range with an enemy stand still and

hold R2 + regular attack to get a special sword


Dash Attack: When moving at a rate in long-range Jehuty can fire

3/4 laser blast which will fire at the enemy unit.

Hold the dash button while moving then press the

Square button.

Dash Attack 1: When In Melee Mode you can dash behind your enemy

oppenents. To do this hit the dash button while

moving and attacking and he will do a quick attack.

Fliping: Jehuty can flip and attack an enemy from behind or

can get away from enemies quickly. While locked on

to an enemy quickly Dash while pressing the X or Triangle


- World Items

Local Servers - Local Servers are special world items which allow

Jehuty to download special add-ons such as Subweap-

-ons. They will look like tiny sticks sticking out

from the ground.

Porters - Special objects which are surrounded by a purple light.

these items can be found in areas marked on the map.

Destroying these will unlock special item boxes.

Note: In some areas Porters may be cloaked and cannot be

seen with the naked eye unless you have a special


Metatrone Ore: This item allows you to replenish all your life.

These are found as blue item boxes.

Item Boxes: Item Boxes will give you all sorts of things such as

ammo for subweapons. They are marked as red boxes.


2. The Enemy

- Level Range

There are three types of enemies found within the world of ZOE. And

in this world they do have level ranges. Level Ranges affect the

enemies A.I. (artifical intellegence) and will make them smarter,

stronger and faster. Their levels can range from being 1 - 8. So

lets take a look at this diagram.

Easy Medium Hard

------------------ Each level will affect the outcome of the

* * * | * * |* * *| battle. Example: Level 1-2 enemies will offer

1 2 3 | 4 5 |6 7 8| no to hardly any challenege. While level 3

enemies will start knowing how to use their

special weapons. While 4-5 start to know the

benefits of teamwork then we have 6-8 which

well... Means they're faster, stronger and

have use to all of their abillities.

|Raptors - Raptors are your common enemy in this game. They are

| are the long-range/weak melee fighers of the BAHRAM

| forces. Unmanned with no emotion - do not underestimate

| their abilities.


|Attacks: Geyser, Javelin, Burst, Shield and Dash Attack


|Cyclopse - These guys are the melee fighers of the group. They

| cannot dash. But this makes up for their punch. Best

| suited in groups with Raptors and Mummyheads so be

| double careful when near walls or buildings.


|Attacks: Grab & Throw, Gauntlet, Burst, Shield.


|Mummyheads - These are the defense groups. They are somewhat

| strong due to their extra-covered shell. Their

| most powerful attack Halberd (which they get at Lvl 3

| .) It can be very deadly if they hit you with it.



|Attacks: Dash, Shield, Phalax, Halberd.


- Special Symbols

In some areas of the game there will be enemies with special marks

on them. These are known to show you how strong the enemy is.

S mark means Special/Super and that their program is reinforced.

Which makes them far more powerful than a normal enemy. Exp:

A regular Level 7 enemy will be weak compared to a Level 7S.

* (star) marked enemies are known as Squad leaders. Destroying the

leader first will lower all the health to the squad supporting it

for a one hit kill on the remains.

Example: Say if I'm fighting a level 7S* enemy with 2 more level

7's. If I take him out - then attack the remaing 2 they will die

in one hit.


3. Walkthrough

Note: This walkthrough is based off the Normal difficulty setting

so some changes to the game may apply to your current play.

A CGI scene will comense of the background story. It seems that an

organization is starting to begin their raid on the Antilla, a spa-

-ce coloy that orbits around Jupiter. Their objective is to find a

set of two Orbital Frames or to destroy them.

You will then meet a woman named Viola. Nohman will then order the

raid to begin. We are then rushed straight in to the colony of a

young man that seems to be runing a way. We are then taken to a fl-

-ashback on a group of local teenagers being tied up to a pole while

a man pro-okes a blue haired boy named Leo. As he stands there and

attempts to think on what he sould do.

Should he knock him out and save his friends? Or Just run away? We

are then shown the Colony being raided by the unknown enemy force.

And as Leo stands there and watches the gun fire from the two mechs

his friends are then crushed by its own weight.

Another scene with Viola we take place then with the boy Leo hiding

as a fire fights continue. He then stumbles in on a strange mech in

a cargo bay while attempting to hide. He is then blown into the air

and some how stumbles into an unknown frame. Upon it staring up a

Female A.I. clearly states "Good morning. Ready for combat

operation." After this scene the game will begin.



|Mission 1: The introduction of Jehuty |


|Area 1: Cargo Hanger| Enemies: 1 |


|Difficulty: Easy |


Quickly rush the Raptor that stands before you with quick melee

attacks. After he is destroyed a scene will take place between

Leo and the female computer A.I. ADA. She will then tell you to

move outside. Leo, being confused, wonders how he does that. ADA

will then explain to Leo how to manipulate the Orbital Frame:

Jehuty. So use it if you wish to understand the overall game.

After the scene move towards this small box with a green box icon

over it. This is known as Metatrone Ore. This will replenish your

life gauge to the max. After that follow the arrow to get outside

of the cargo bay.


|Area 2: Factory 1 |Squads: 4|


|Difficulty: Easy |


Now that we are outside you will be automaticly rushed by some Rap-

-tors. Just keep dashing and attacking them with melee or L.R. att-

acks. They should go down without a problem.

Note: L.R. stands for Long Ranged.

After the battle a scene will show two Mummy Heads entering the

area. Just move towards them and use melee attacks. Once they are

down Viola will move in and will pick a fight with you.


| Boss Fight - Neith


|This battle can be a slight challenge (or perhaps even easy?) The

|trick to wining this short battle is to do dash attacking and bas-

|-ic melee attacks. She should go down with no problem.


After the battle Nohman will give Viola a direct order to stop en-

-gaging with Leo. Viola will then get stuck up and cocky because of

how young Leo is. She will then retreat. He will then ask for his

team's status.

A scene will take place between Leo and Jehuty. Aparently Leo is

having a mental break down (poor kid.) Ada will then get a radio

contact from a ship known as the Atlantis. You are then introduced

to Elena. Elena will then explain to Leo that he is now the Frame


But as Leo being such a teenager - being stuck up and cocky. Only

caring about himself. Elena then tells Leo how everyone is going to

die if he does not fight.

Jehuty will then give you your mission objective of how to escape

the Antilia Colony.

After the scene follow the arrow until you see an object sticking

out of the ground with a green marker around it. This is known as a

local server. Throughout the game you will come across these objec-


Note: There are also secret local servers to be found through the

game which require passwords.

After you gain the |monitor.fcmd| which will allow you to fight one

or more enemies at a time. ADA will then take you directly in to t-

-he training menu. Use it to your desire. You will also be given t-

-he start menu system after the scene enemies will flood the area.

Four squads on all around you - You now must take Jehuty to another

Local Server. Press start to check your map. Check the Soth-north

area and look for a green object. This is where you need to go. You

can also find Metatrone Ore which is the blue block on the South-e

-ast portion of the map.

Now head back in to the game and look for the squad with Passcode

labeled under it.

Note: Squads with passcodes labeled under them has a special unit

which holds a passcode. These units are slightly more hard

than their comrades.

Kill this group to get the pass_global. Now kill the remaining squ-

-ads in the area. Now head directly to the local server and gain t-

he program |global.fcmd| After that collect the last Metatrone if

you need to and leave the area by going to the Menu (start) and

selecting Area Change.

-----------------------[ World ]----------------------------

Once we arrive here a scene will take place. Residential Block S02

is under attack. This is actually infact an area where our hero,

Leo lives. From here save the game and then head to Town 1.

-----------------------[ Map ]----------------------------

Upon our arrival in Town 1, ADA picks up a life form reading who

turns out to be one of Leo's friends named Celvice. Leo warns her

not to head to the church to look for surviors. At this point ADA

detects a laser shot being fired at Jehuty. At this point Leo rus-

-hes in to fight a huge Orbital Frame.

This is your first -Boss- fight.


|Boss Fight - Tempest


|Tempest is the huge Orbital Frame that Leo moves towards. Being

|aleast about 80 foot tall. This particular enemy is someone not

|to be reckoned with. If you have the controls mastered and memor-

|-ized by now, then this battle will pose no problem. But if you

|do not have the quick reflexes - then this battle is all about




|Dash around quickly while voiding his fire shots and directly hit

|the dome with regular L.R. attacks, burst shots or burst the L.R.

|burst attack. Also be warned: Do not try to get close to him or

|shall engulf you in flames. So make sure you stay as far away

|from him as much as possible.



|Once his life reaches down to about 50%, the dome which protects

|his Orbital Frame's head will be revealed. At this point the Fra-

|-m Runner will go ballistic and will start shoting fast laser

|shots at you. Quickly avoid these shots with dashing.


|After a certain amount of shots have been fired, Tempest's head

|will retract back in to the frame. At this point it will then

|jump up high in the sky and will start to drop bombs (or are they

|(missles?) To avoid this just use your shield or dash away from

|them. Becareful not to let Tempest land on you.


|When he lands it will take a few seconds for his head to pop

|back out. At this point he is already firing his laser shots. So

|just simply dodge while firing L.R. attacks at him (regular, dash

|or burst.) He will then repeat the same pattern. Continue doing

|this and you should have no problem with this fight.


After the battle a scene will take place. ADA wants to destroy the

target. But Leo does not allow her to. The Pilot then lunches an

Escape Pod and makes way. The scene continues and the church is

under assualt by a lone Raptor. Leo rushes just in time to save

his girlfriend Celvice.


|Area 3: Town 1 |Squads: 6 |


|Difficulty: Easy |


First take out the enemies on the East and West portion of the

town. Now head under the bridge in the middle. Under neath take

out the squad to gain a Passcode to unlock a local server under

the bridge to get your first sub weapon known as Javelin.

TIP: Sub Weapons are used to enhance Jehuty's battle capibillities.

Learn to use which Sub Weapon is best suited for each given


Now take out the last 3 squads. Leave the Metatron Squad last,

kill them if you need the health. After that you can leave.

-----------------------[ World ]----------------------------

Upon you leaving will trigger a "dramatic" scene. After the scene

ADA will give you your next mission objectives. Your next mission

is to find some way to get out of Antillia. A news broadcast will

then take place. And now people must be saved. So you have a few


1. Save the people


2. Just head straight to the factory.

-----------------------[ Map ]----------------------------


|Area 4a: Town 1|Squads: 5 |


|Difficulty: Normal |



You may skip this area if you desire so. But you would be missing

out on a sub weapon which I would highly recomend you obtain.


This is a Survior Mission. The objective here is to eliminate the

enemy before any of the buildings are destroyed. At the top right

of your TV under the Squad # you will see the Survial Rate. This

rate decreases every time a building with human beings inside are


The trick here is to lure the enemies as far a way as possible from

the buildings (one at a time) and destroy them as quick as possibl-


After you have killed all the enemies you should have recieved the

passcode for Phalax. Go to the local server (marked yellow on your

map) and pick it up. Now leave the area and head to Factory 1,


|Area 4b: Factory 1|Squads: 4|


|Difficulty: Easy |


Now that we are back here rush over to the Level 3 enemy with the

* Mark. Once you are in battle with the sqaud take out the leader

marked with the * which will lower all of the party's squad health

to 1. This will give you the passcode for your next mission plans.

Destroy all the remaining units in the area and head to the Local

Server which is on the bottom west next to the Matatrone Ore. After

that collect the Ore and leave the area.

-----------------------[ World ]----------------------------

As soon as you leave the area a scene will take place. ADA will

talk to Leo about the EPS rays to make a microwave effect on the

colony to slowly kill off all the human life forms on Antillia.

She will then give you orders to destroy 2 EPS Antennas and another

target which is the Colony Shaft. By destroying these 3 objects

will destroy or weaken the barrier.

After the scene another SOS will take place, this time in Town 1.

-----------------------[ Map ]----------------------------



|Mission 2: Destroying EPS |


|Area 5a: Town 1 |Squads: 6|


|Difficulty: Very Easy |


This is an S.O.S. mission. But this time there is only one build-

-ing and that is the Church. Take out all 6 squads (make sure

they are no where near the church when doing so.) After that

you can leave.


|Area 5b: City 1| Squads: 5|


|Difficulty: Easy |


Upon our arrival ADA says we cannot go any further due to the ESP

energy field. So I guess that means we must leave


|Area 6: Town 1|Squads: 5 |


|Difficulty: Easy |


Take out all 5 squads in this section. After they are done take out

the small purble objects (purble dots on the map) using a L.R. shot

or sub-weapon (javelin) known as Porters. After you have destroyed

all of them the vector trap will be released. To find the new sub

weapon, look on the map or a re or yellow(?) box (I don't remember

.) After that - leave the area and head back to City 1.


|Area 7: City 1| Squads: 5 |


|Difficulty: Easy |


Alright now that we have the Sniper sub weapon it is time to prefo-

-rm our first order of buisness. Equip it and take look at the col-

-ny shaft. In the center you should see a retoting axis with white

glowing dots on it. The objective is to shoot them from a distence.

You must take out all 7 dots. Once they are destroyed take out what

ever enemy squad(s) you have left. Take out the enemy with the pass

code to get the subweapon Geyser. After you have collected it go f-

-ind the Local Server and obtain it. Now leave. And head directly

to EPS 1.


|Area 8: EPS 1|Squads: 7|


|Difficulty: Medium |


This area is crawling with Bahram units. ADA says not to engage in

battke, But ya know what? Screw that Computer A.I! Just take out

all the enemies (be sure not to let any other units engage with you


After they are beaten down to scrap metal destroy all the porters

in the area to unlock the red item box which contains the passcode

for the sub weapon Helbert. After you get it find the local server

(via the map) and collect it.)

Tip: Now you can fight back against Mummy Heads (level 3+) who

use Helbert on you!

After that look on your map near the summit of the Mountain. You

should see 3 white directlional >>>'s on a bridge. That is where

we must go. Once inside ADA will change the mission plan. Instead

of attack the EPS antenna's directly we are now going to destroy

the emergency EPS Generator. Head inside until you encounter a

battke, Take out the Raptor (lvl 3.) Now continue going straight.

You will encounter afew more battles but do not let this bother

you. Our main concern is getting to the Generator room. After the

last battle with a Cyclops we are now in the power room. Ascend

down and destroy the large circular object with two L.R. Burst

Attacks. After that you can leave this area.

Head back to EPS 2.


|Area 9: EPS 2| Squads: 6|


|Difficulty: Medium |


Take out all the enemy squads within this section besides the two

squads that are carrying Metatrone. Now check your map for the

entrance of the EPS generator room. You will see a >>>> which

marks the entrance.

Upon you entering and going down further Jehuty suddently stops.

Leo then says that it's blocked off by the sameenergyfield like

the one above (which is protecting thetop ESP antennas.) ADA then

detects an enemy with a reinforced program. Proceed out and back

in to the field. Now take out the Squad which are Level 4 with

the S ranking.

After killing them you will obtain Pass_Control 1. Now head to

Town 1.


|Area 10: Town 1|Squads: 6|


|Difficulty: Medium |


Upon your arrival ADA will speak of an Enemy with a reinforced pro-

-gram. These units are marked with an S by their name. These parti-

-cular type of enemies are a lot toughter than their normal counter


Start out by taking out the other 5 Squads (leave the Metatrone Ore

for last.) Now once they are delt with equip your Halberd weapon &

move towards the S Enemy Squad.

These are three level 4 Mummy Heads with an S rating. They are far

more powerful than current Mummy Heads. If they fire their Halberd

on you, counter-attack with your regular L.R. weapons or use the

Halberd weapon to fight fire with fire.

After you have killed them you get will get Pass_Control2. Now

that we are done here - head back to EPS 1.


|Area 11: EPS 1|Squads: 7|


|Difficulty: Medium |


Feel free to take out all the Squads (you don't really have to.)

But our real goal lays within the ESP generator room, so head


Once inside the passage to head to the generator room follow the

arrows until you come to your first room. Once in here, instead of

us going straght we are going to cut into the room on the right.

Head down the hall ways and obtain the Rap_CTRL.fcmd from the

Local Server, after that leave the area and then proceed to the

World Map and then Town 2.


|Area 12: Town 2 |Squads: 6 |


|Difficulty: Easy |


Take out all the Squads if you wish. Our real mission objective is

to find a slightly undamaged Raptor. This fallen O.F. is laying

next to a Phantoma which now lays in ruin.

After getting close to it, ADA will start to take control of the

Raptor. But under on condition - If the Raptor O.F. is destroyed

it is an Automatic Game-Over for Leo and his crew.

ADA will then automaticly take you to EPS 2.


|Area 13: EPS 2|Squads: 7|


|Difficulty: Medium/Hard |


Ignore all Squads within this area and negvigate to the EPS genera-

-tor entrance. Once inside nevigate the Raptor past the barrier.

Nevigate the hallways of this section while facing out with some

tough battles. You will then come to a Dead End - It seems we are

stuck. But do no fear. Head back to the start of this section.

Upon us trying to escape, it seems that the BAHRAM units have

blocked off our only passage. Take the detour on the left, in

this room take out the Cyclopse. Proceed in the next room to find

a Local Server.

Within it's Contents shall be: detector.fcmd

Now turn around and head back down the previous hallway. Destroy

the Porters to obtain the Metatron Ore. Now head back to that very

dead end.

Once you are back a target will lock onto the wall. ADA will then

tell Leo to shoot down the wall. Do so and drop down in to the Gen-

-erator Room.

Make it go boom and our mission is accomplished. After the whole

blowing the big room up, you will now be given back control of

Jehuty. From here leave to the World Map.

-----------------------[ World ]----------------------------

Blah! Another S.O.S. And Town 3 seems the place to be. So its

time to start the party, so let us head on over!

-----------------------[ Map ]----------------------------


|Area 15: Town 3|Squads: 11| *S.O.S. Mission*


|Difficulty: Hard |


This area can be a retard. Just move quickly take out all the

squads. After the battle just leave and head to Mountain 1.

-----------------------[ World ]----------------------------

Upon you arriving to Mountain 1, ADA will point out where she was

created and shows that very factory. Jehuty is then shot down by

an unknown life form.

Upon landing, Leo and his crew stand infront of mean looking son

of a b---Orbital Frame... ^^; Oh and it seems that ADA is acting

kinda funny. Don't worry about this fight yet - leave the area

now before he attacks you.

Upon you coming back to the map, another scene will take place.

IT seems Jehuty has been infected with a Virus. So now it is time

for Mission 3.

-----------------------[ Map ]----------------------------


|Area 16: Factory 2|Squads: 7|


|Difficulty: Hard |


There is one thing you must know as soon as you arrive at this sec-

-tion. Do not let an enemy attack you or it will become game over!

And don't bother collecting the Metatrone. You won't get healed.

From thes start look into your Main Menu and then the map. Move the

map around to the right side. You should find an entrance marked w-

-ith three >>>'s, that is our destination so head there by using t-

-he side roads.

Once inside this area cotintue straight in to the room. Once inside

the room a battle will automaticly start with a low level Raptor.

Kill him to recieve the pass_vaccine. Once you have obtained it

head to the local server to collect the vaccine.exec that in which

will cure ADA and Jehuty.

A scene will start and Jehuty will be back to normal. After this

whole pathetic ordeal head back outside and mop up the squads. When

finished you can leave.

-----------------------[ World ]----------------------------

A scene will start. ADA will then recomend that we do not ef'

with the large Orbital Frame within Park 1. She also states that

we should look for unobtained function modules.

...And another S.O.S. The Colony Shaft is being attacked. So head

there now

-----------------------[ Map ]----------------------------


|Area 17: City 1|Squads: 7 |


|Difficulty: Medium |


This mission is easy. Attack all the enemies without allowing the

shaft to be destroyed. Peace of cake! After that leave the area

and head to Town 3.

Upon arriving at Town 3. You will notice that the town is deserted.

But wait...what's the shiney object which is bending light. As you

approach the enemies within this area you can't seem to lock on to

them. ADA then states that the enemies are using stealth to bend

fractions of light to make them near invisable. Leave this area.

Upon arriving the world map a scene will take place. Leo is pissed

because they have the passcode. ADA then reminds you of the Raptor

that we controlled earlier. Head to EPS 2.


|Area 18: EPS 2|Squads: 7 |


|Difficulty: Easy |


Feel free to take out all the Squads in the area. What we really

need to do is head back into the EPS Generator Room. Once in there

search for the one bladed Raptor and destroy him to receive the de-

tection.fcmd After the battle head back outside.

Once outside you will notice that there are porters in front of yo-

-u. Destroy them to get pass_gauntlet. After that go kill whatever

is left and then look for the local server and collect your new

sub-weapon. Now head to City 2


|Area 19: City 2|Squads: 4 |


|Difficulty: Easy/Medium |


Once we are here take out the enemies. Now look for the Squad with

the Passcode. Take him out to recieve pass_decoy 1. Now destroy

the porters to recieve the passcode for the Comet subweapon. Now

go down below and collect it. Now leave and head to Town 3.


|Area 20: Town 3|Squads: 11 |


|Difficulty: Medium |


Look for the enemy with the passcode (via the map) to collect the

pass_decoy2. After you obtain that kill off the other enemies (if

you wish) then leave and head to Factory 2.


|Area 21: Factory 2|Squads 7|


|Difficulty: Medium |


Take out all the squads then check your map to find the invisble p-

-orters. Take them out to recieve an unknown item. (You'll see what

it is soon.) Now head to the underground room where we found the

vaccine for Ada & Jehuty to collect the Decoy subweapon. But before

we can get it you must kill a level 5 Raptor.

Do you remember that unknown item we picked up earlier? It was act-

-ullty ammo for the weapon! Now leave this area and head to Park 1.


|Area 22: Park 1|Squads: 0|


|Difficulty: Mediun/Hard |


Now it's time for some pay back. We begin this entry of the area

with a boss fight (about time!) Now let us begin.


| Boss Fight - Tyrant


|This battle begins with a short scene. After that the battle will

|begin. Tyrant has a few attacks up his sleeve that you should be

|aware of.


|First off his main attack is a laser. He will shoot it at you 3

|times. His second attack is very deadly - When you are locked on

|by him he will fire a huge ball at you. Use Decoy to avoid this.


|He will then fire missels at you which can be evaded with shield.

|He will also fire a special like energy probe at you which will

|track you down and cause you to stand still

|So make sure you destroy these.


|Now to damage him just use Burst attacks on him while evading.

|Once his health is down to 50% he will switch for phase 2. When

|this happens he will charge at you with his shield on. At this

|point you cannot hurt him until he begins to attack. He will

|either fire his very strong laser attacks or fire his probes.


|When this happens use the Gauntlet subweapon to damage him. Conti-

|-nue with these tactics and he will surely fall.



After the battle a scene will take place. All the Raptors will shut

off and then Ada will then speak. After the scene head to the new

area known as Mountain 1 and then another scene will take place

between Elena and Leo. She will tell you of a man named Thunderhea-


After the scene proceed to the next area.


|Mission 3: Heading to Mars |


|Area 23: Mountain |


|Difficulty: Medium |


These last remaining areas are liner so keep that in mind. Once we

are here follow down the left path fighting the enemies until you

recieve the pass_bounder for the subweapon. Collect it. Now make

your way across the area (it's very easy so I wont explain it.)

Once you are the end and done collecting ALL of the item boxes

head in to the door. In here you will trigger a boss fight.


|Boss Fight - Nebula


|This battle can be kinda hard. The battle will begin quickly so

|here we go! Nebula will fly around the area firing off whatever

|he can (finally an O.F that doesn't go easy on us!)


|His first attack is firing some pods which will fire lasers at

|you. His second attack is firing one pad which will fire 4/5

|differet lasers at you that which will go into a cyclone motion.

|So just dodge this by getting out of this 'laser' field. He will

|also fire a huge burst shot at you so make sure you dodge that!


|Just dodge his attacks normally. When you drop his life down to

|50% he will become really pissed. This time things will get much

|faster and new attacks will take place.


|Now it's a game of patience! The object here is to dodge the

|attacks he throws at you while waiting for the target to change

|to his tail. Just continue until he is dead.


After the battle a scene will take place. As soon as the scene is

over another boss battle will begin!


|Boss Fight - Neith


|Do you remember earlier when we fought this O.F.? If so then this

|battle really shouldn't pose a problem. Just use simple melee

|attacks. After some damage Jehuty will get thrown into an energy

|ray to where you can't move and another scene will take place.


|After the scene continue on into the fight. Use whatever subweapon

|you dub useful. Just continue to evade her attacks using your

|sword and dash attacks. Eventully Viola will fall.


After the quick battle a scene will take place. It seems that BAHR-

-AM wants to destroy the colony. It seems that our next mission is

to find the bombs that will destroy the shaft.

...And aparently Celvice gets shot by Viola. "Come to Spaceport.

I'll be waiting!" it's time for some revenege! More scenes

will continue until you reach the colony shaft. Upon your arrival

a battle will begin.


In this area the objective is to wait for the scanner to find the

bombs and then grab them until they explode while evading the forc-

-es in the area. The best trick is to kill the enemy's quickly then

go for the bombs.

Once all the bombs are taken care of you will fight Neith again.

The same tactics apply as above. I also recomnd using Comet and the

Bounder subweapon. After the battle another, but sad scene will ta-

-ke place. After the scene you will be forced to fight the last


There is NO WAY to defeat or even hurt Anubis. Just take his hits

as much as possible until the ending scene.


Congratulations! You have beat Zone of the Enders! Now just sit ba-

-ck and enjoy the ending.


4. Subweapons and their uses

1. Javelin - Energy weapon. Fires in an arc.

Use: Short-range combat.

2. Geyser - Energy weapon shotting up lasers.

Use: Closed-In areas. Works great aganist


3. Bounder - Powerful energy ball. Bounces off of surfaces.

Use: Best used in closed-in areas. But also good for open

areas too!

4. Phalanx - Rapid firing of energy shots.

Use: Mainly used for long-range combat. Can be

very helpful in closed-in and open areas.

5. Halberd - Powerful Energy Sword

Use: Great aganist Mummyheads. But it's range kinda-lacks.

6. Comet - Controllable energy shot. (Homing laser)

Use: Great for closed in and open areas.

6. Comet - Controllable energy shot. (Homing laser)

Use: Great for closed in and open areas.

7. Gauntlet - Powerful Bullet Weapon

Use: Good in close-ranged combat.

8. Sniper - Long distence bullet type weapon

Use: Good for far away ranges but very weak.

9. Decoy - Defence weapon infering with enemy Radar.

Use: Best used to get out of tight situations.

10. Mummy - Armor repair wepon

Use: Acts like a shield and restores lost energy.


5. FAQs

1. Q: Can you defeat Anubis?

A: Sadly you can't. It's apart of the game.

2. Q: Whats this Disco Jehuty thing?

A: That is supposedly a cheat that is long dead. It started as a

rumor. But Konami quickly demissed the whole obligation.

3: Q: How do I unlock the other characters in the Versus mode.

A: Beat the game for a second time (or if you still have a

saved game - kill Neith again in the last area before

you fought Anubis.

4. Q: Can You play as Anubis?

A: No.

5. Q: Is their an alteritive ending?

A: No - I have played this game to death and have gotten the S

rank. There is no second ending. The only change is the

ending of the music.


6. Cheats

Yes there are cheats for ZOE!

Full Health + Ammo!: L1, L1, L2, L2, L1, R1, L1, R1, R2, R1

But note your Level will go down one if you use this.

7. Outroduction

- Closing Statement

I hope you have enjoyed this game as much as I have. ZOE is a

classic in my book. This game showed that Konami could do the

possible. Good luck and good gaming my friends - Ryan

- About the Author.

Hmmm... Lets see here. I'm 20 years old and am living in Missouri.

I'm a musician, a poet and I love to write. Gaming is a natural

hobby for me. I'm a huge fan of Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, ZOE,

Starcraft, Contra, Castlevania, Zelda and many more! I enjoy

writing walkthroughs as a away to pass time. I am a student of mus-

-ic and currenlty am studying.

But that is pretty much it!

- Credits

You - For reading this guide!

Me - For writing it =D

Family - You know who ya are.

Friends - Blah! :P

Konami - For making a wonderful game

GameFAQs: For hosting my guides! Thanks a ton!

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