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Fortnite Party Issues Today Explained: What You Can Do

There are a ton of Fortnite Party Issues Today that players have to worry about if they are trying to play with friends and such. If you got on the game right now to try and play with your friends, you would find that there are some serious issues with accessing the friend list and all party services.

The Fortnite Party Issues Today are affecting everyone across the world on all platforms from mobile to console to PC. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to play with people on the same platform, either, as there are still major issues for even doing that. Let’s dig into what’s happening.

Fortnite Party Issues Today Explained

The Fortnite Party Issues Today are kind of random and unfortunate. The timing is rather odd as well, as today doesn’t necessarily mark the beginning of anything major that would call for such problems. However, there are some reasons why we think this could be happening.

It is possible that the Fortnite Party Issues Today could have to do with a lot of schools letting out around the United States. Many schools let out last week and others are having their last week this week so it is possible that that has created an influx of Battle Royale players at once.

Regardless of the reason behind the Fortnite Party Issues Today, here’s what you should do. Epic Games has already acknowledged on its Twitter that it knows about the problems and is investigating. Because of that, you shouldn’t have to worry too much as it will be fixed soon enough.

So, we recommend keeping an eye here and on the Twitter for updates on when the Fortnite Party Issues Today should be fixed. In the meantime, we recommend playing solo or checking out a different multiplayer game right now with your friends.