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Fortnite Wins Not Counting: Why Aren’t My Stats Recording?

Hey, are your Fortnite wins not counting? Me too. I mean, that’s because I’ve never picked up a Victory Royale in my life but, still, those who are actually half-decent at the game will have found that, on consoles at the very least, their win column not ticking up like it should be. What’s causing the issue where Fortnite wins are not counting and is there a fix on the way? Read on to find out!

Fortnite Wins Not Counting: What’s the Issue?

Since the release of Fortnite patch 4.3, several players have reported an issue across all game modes of their Fortnite wins not counting. The problem? The leaderboards are actually tallying up every single win – but towards the PC rankings. So, if you’ve won half-a-dozen solo games since the patch was released on May 29 then I am so, so sorry. You may not be able to get them back (for now).

Fortnite Wins Not Counting: Is There a Fix?

While Epic released a new patch in the early morning of May 31, that had nothing to do with fixing the Fortnite wins issue. However, it’s not all doom and gloom as the developers have announced that “another update” is coming to fix the issue on consoles. Yay for Epic!

Fortnite Wins Not Counting: Will My Wins Be Added Back?

That one is still up in the air for now. Worst case scenario: you lose all of your wins over the past 48 hours – should you be affected with the issue, of course – or they simply remain on your PC profile. Here’s hoping, though, that every Victory Royale will return to its rightful console so you can fully track every win. But isn’t the real Victory Royale the friends we made along the way, I hear you cry? No. Just no.