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Fortnite Recon Expert | How to Unlock the Recon Expert Skin

I’m seeing the Fortnite Recon Expert skin discussed more and more these days, with many players wondering how exactly one goes about unlocking the fairly plain outfit. Compared to the crazy Epic rarity skins we’re seeing in Season 4, the Fortnite Recon Expert doesn’t look like anything special, and yet the community seems drawn towards it. Let me clear up the kerfuffle surrounding this skin and provide the information that clickers of this article are no doubt seeking! Here’s how to unlock the Recon Expert skin in Fortnite.

Fortnite Recon Expert: Why Is This Skin So Rare?

The Fortnite Recon Expert hasn’t been seen since November 2017, a time when the game wasn’t anywhere near as massive as it is now. As there weren’t as many people playing, the Fortnite Recon Expert skin didn’t have as many potential buyers. At 1200 V-Bucks, it was pretty damn pricey, too!

Though the Fortnite Recon Expert skin was featured in the normal Item Store (and not the other Season Store), which made it available to all players regardless of player rank, it looks like not many people actually went ahead and bought it. I’ll admit, it doesn’t look particularly awesome when compared to the other expensive skins out there, but its rarity makes it stand out in a match.

How to Unlock the Fortnite Recon Expert

Fortnite Recon Expert

Now that Fortnite Season 1 has ended, the Fortnite Recon Expert is no longer available through the nornal means. It won’t be appearing in the in-game store, and it shouldn’t be included as part of any future Battle Pass. Epic Games makes the skins for each Season exclusive, encouraging players to buy each Battle Pass or suffer missing out.

Accounts with the Fortnite Recon Expert skin unlocked can be bought and sold, which really is the only way of acquiring the skin. However, we wouldn’t recommend going to this extreme, as it’s likely against the Fortnite Terms of Service.