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PUBG Update 14 Patch Notes: What Has Been Changed?

PUBG Update 14 is here, and it promises to be one of the biggest changes yet in terms of how the game performs. Namely, PUBG Corp. are clamping down on cheaters with the introduction of anti-cheat tech on its test servers. In addition to this, the PUBG Update 14 Patch Notes outline some gameplay changes to throwables, bug fixes, and more. Let’s take a look at what’s changed, shall we?

PUBG Update 14 Patch Notes: Main Changes

From a gameplay perspective, the eye-grabbing headline from update 14 will undoubtedly be the buffed throwable items. Grenades, stun grenades and molotov cocktails have all received damage/status upgrades, with the grenade’s lethal damage hitzone increased from 2.6m to 3.5m. Stun grenade effectiveness has also been upped, with the range moving to 20m and the weapon’s blinding effects greatly improved.

The main nerf to take note of would be the fact that the M24 has been downgraded, as well as removed from all care packages. On the bug fix side of things, visual and collision glitches have been polished out on both Erangel and Miramar, with other visual glitches also being sent to.

PUBG Update 14 Patch Notes: Anti-Cheat Tech

The big change, however, comes with the introduction of anti-cheat tech to test servers. While it may be some time before it rolls out into main servers, you can enable anti-cheat tech software by ticking the ‘enable anti-cheat’ box when you boot up the PUBG client on PC and are met with the anti-cheat page. The software has been developed in-house at PUBG Corp. so it’s a positive step in the right direction to stopping cheaters in their tracks.

PUBG Update 14 Patch Notes: Full List

If you’re eager to get down in to the full nitty-gritty of PUBG Update 14’s patch notes then you can read the list in full here.