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Fortnite Bouncer Pad: How to Use This New Item

The new Fortnite Bouncer pad is making its way into the Battle Royale experience, providing players with a new way of traversing the map. The Bouncer has appeared in the “New Updates” section of the Fortnite main menu, which usually means its implementation is just around the corner, with Epic Games normally being very quick to follow up their teases.

What Is the Fortnite Bouncer Pad?

The Fortnite Bouncer pad gives players who touch it a “big bounce boost.” What’s more, using the Bouncer doesn’t cause fall damage. This means players can bounce as high as they like, without worrying about missing a jump or falling from too great a height.

The Bouncer pad will allow players to leap above tall structures, to easily get the drop on unsuspecting enemies. It can also be used to quickly descend down high hilltops, where the no fall damage effect can offer significant protection. In addition to players using the Bouncer pad to launch themselves, it can also be used as a trap, to bounce enemies into spike walls or off cliffs. I’m sure we’ll see some very creative uses for the new Bouncer item, once it releases!

When Is the Fortnite Bouncer Pad Release Date?

Fortnite Bouncer

At the time of writing, the Fortnite Bouncer pad is currently being teased in the Fortnite “New Updates” main menu tab. It’s not yet available to use by players, but it should soon be added to the game. In the past, Epic Games has been very quick to implement items being teased in this tab. We expect the Bouncer to be added within the next couple of days, though it could take as long as a week, based on previous item additions. It should also be noted that, on the rare occasion, items can be delayed significantly. We saw this with the Fortnite jetpack.