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New GTA Update 2018: Latest Patch Notes for the June GTA V Download

You might not have realized it, but Grand Theft Auto Online, the online component of GTA V, has been chugging along nicely under-the-radar for some time now. Rockstar Games has seen fit to give it a bit of spit, polish, and a brand-new update every months and this new GTA update for June 5, 2018 is no different. Boasting new races, dozens of new creator items, and more options than you might know what to do with, here are the patch notes for GTA V’s latest update.

New GTA Update 2018: What’s Been Included?

The main takeaway from June’s new GTA update is undoubtedly the seven new Transform Races making their way onto GTA Online. For those not in the know, Transform Races are essentially Rockstar’s version of those Mario Kart races wherein you change vehicle/method of transport mid-race. Jets to jetpacks, cars to boats, that sort of thing. Standard (wacky) stuff. As an added bonus, you’ll also be able to get double GTA $ and RP in all Rockstar-created Transform Races up until June 11.

New GTA Update 2018: Full Patch Notes

You can read the full list of patch notes on the Rockstar site. Here are some of its highlights:

  • New Races – Transform Races
    • Five new Transform Races have been added to GTA Online:
      • Transform – Canal Crosser
      • Transform – Size Matters
      • Transform – Grotti Circuit
      • Transform – Plane and Simple
      • Transform – Evolution
      • Transform – Tug Life
      • Transform – Twister II
  • Creator Update
    • New Props have been added to all Creators
  • A new Camera Angle has been added in all Creators:
    • A new Camera Angle has been added to allow players to angle further up, allowing easier positioning of props, or placing props underwater
  • A new Path Recording feature has been added to a number of Creators:
    • This option allows players to begin, end, and clear “Recordings” of their movements as they drive around
    • This option is not available in the following Creators:
      • Air Creator
      • Sea Creator