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Fortnite Dance GIF: Create Your Own Fortnite GIFs

The ultimate weapon in any meme-makers arsenal is a Fortnite dance GIF. Defeater of any and all online arguments, a well-placed Fortnite dance GIF can be incredibly useful as both a symbol of joy and comradery, or as a deadly putdown. So how does one go about creating their own Fortnite dance GIF? Well, you could always just download one from Google Images, by searching “Fortnite Dance GIF”, but that’s too easy. Next-level memes are original creations. Allow me to teach you the way of making your own Fortnite dance GIF.

Fortnite Dance GIF: Creating PS4 and Xbox One GIFs

If you’re a console user, there are a few ways of creating a Fortnite dance GIF. On PS4, the ShareFactory app has its own GIF creation suite, where you can use recorded footage to make a GIF. Simply hit the “Share” button on your controller, record footage of your character dancing, and then edit it inside ShareFactory. Xbox Players can use the Xbox DVR website to view their recorded videos and create GIFs. Find the moment when you’re dancing away, choose the start and stop point, and hit “Save.” Easy!

Fortnite Dance GIF: Creating PC GIFs

Fortnite Dance GIF

There are many different routes to creating a Fortnite dance GIF on PC. I’d recommend first capturing the gameplay using OBS or ShadowPlay. Then take that video and capture the GIF from it using GifCam or Gyazo GIF. You’ll be able to frame exactly what you want to capture, hit “Record,” and then use the provided link to download or immediately share.

Once you have created your Fortnite dance GIF, be sure to hide it somewhere safe. You don’t want these powerful memes getting into the hands of those who could use them against you! Be responsible and have some fun!