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Vampyr New Game Plus: Is There New Game Plus?

With its recent launch, many players are wondering if there is Vampyr New Game Plus. Being that it is a pretty big action RPG, it would make sense for it to have a new game plus mode for players to utilize like in other RPG games. It certainly would help extend the playability and game time.

A Vampyr New Game Plus makes sense and would be really helpful for players to enjoy the game over and over, retaining their stats and/or items. Let’s dig into if there is a new game plus for this game and what it will do for you exactly.

Vampyr New Game Plus: Is There One?

To answer the question of whether or not there is a Vampyr New Game Plus mode, we have to give you the unfortunate answer that no, there is not one at all in the game. This is rather unfortunate and we regret to inform you of so.

Unfortunately, this means that if you beat the main story and attempt to start over again, you will start all over from scratch. None of your items, stats, levels, choices, or anything else will carry over from your first playthrough to the next one in a Vampyr New Game Plus mode.

This is rather annoying, as there has been no news of a potential Vampyr New Game Plus coming in the future, either. It is also annoying because it means that should you beat the game and want to start all over, you won’t retain anything at all and will have to start as powerless as before.

If you’re wondering just how long the game is on your first playthrough, you can read here to find out how long to beat the game. Also, if you’re reading this Vampyr New Game Plus guide and haven’t bought the game yet, be sure to check our review to see what we thought.