Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron PSP Cheats

Million points

Go to the menu and select multiplayer choose your map when it asks you to spawn go to the customisation menu spend your points and turn off the wifi switch and go back to the main menu and now you can use as much points as you want


At the "Profile Load" screen, press Up, Down, Up, Triangle, Circle, Left, Right, Down. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear the sound of lightsabers clashing.

Infinite ammunition:

At the medal screen, press Up, Right,right, Left, X.

Life bar instead of lightsaber timer when playing as Hero:

At the movie screen, press Up, Left,left, down,down Up, Triangle.




UnlockableHow to Unlock
conqueror supremewin in every map
conqueror(bronze)Win 5 battles
conqueror(gold)Win 30 battles
conqueror(silver)Win 15 battles
Endor Day HeroPlay an Infrastructure game on 4th july and top the scoretable
flag carrier (bronze)Capture 5 flags
flag carrier (gold)Capture 30 flags
flag carrier (silver)Capture 15 flags
galactic overlordwin the galactic conquest mode
hero vanquisherkill 10 heroes
Jedi Master (bronze)Get 25 kills as a hero
Jedi Master (gold)Get 150 kills as a hero
Jedi Master (silver)Get 75 kills as a hero
multiplayer maverick (bronze)Reach 50 kills online
multiplayer maverick (gold)Reach 300 kills online
multiplayer maverick (silver)Reach 150 kills online
Renegade leadercomplete the campaign
rogue leader(bronze)Destroy 10 starfighters
super slicerslice 15 vehicles
Tank Buster(bronze)Destroy 10 vehicles
Tank Buster(gold)Destroy 50 vehicles
Tank Buster(silver)Destroy 25 vehicles
Wookiee Life Day HeroPlay an Infrastructure game on the 25th December and top the scoretable