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Fortnite Trap Damage: How Significant Is the Trap Buff?

Epic Games recently made huge changes to the Fortnite trap damage system, nerfing it to the point of insanity. Traps became pretty damn useless, with their damage output dropping from 125 to 75. This change was apparently made “in an effort to better understand the impact traps have throughout a match.” Thankfully, for the trap lovers amongst us, Epic Games is not only buffing traps back up to where they were, they are actually pushing things further, making traps even more lethal! Here’s everything you need to know about the Fortnite trap damage buff.

Fortnite Trap Damage: What Is the Fortnite Trap Buff?

Fortnite trap damage has been buffed from 75 to 150, making traps incredibly lethal. As mentioned above, Epic Games had previously nerfed traps with a hefty damage decrease. Now they’ve been buffed back up, and then some!

What does this mean for players? Well, you can now depend upon traps a lot more, as you’ll likely kill any enemy you come across with that 150 damage. (If it doesn’t kill them, they were certainly be made weak enough to kill in a shot or two!) It also means that you should be more careful when running around. With traps being made useful again, players will no doubt want to use them more often.

Fortnite Trap Damage

The Fortnite trap damage buff was added in the same update as a nerf to the shotguns. Epic Games clearly isn’t afraid to experiment with fan-favorite weapons and equipment, making significant changes to how they perform. While it’s good to see the developer tweaking things and looking for the perfect balance, perhaps a testing environment would be a more appropriate place to try out these bigger changes. I think that would cause a lot less commotion and allow the community to become more involved with the testing phase.

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