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PUBG Xbox Update: What has the June 7 Hotfix Changed, Patch 16 Release Date

If you fired up your Xbox to play PUBG, chances are you were met with a tiny Xbox hotfix. PUBG Corp has proved that they’re on the ball by ridding the console version of a feature that is causing the game to crash. Not only that, but the developers are looking ahead and have revealed the PUBG patch 16 release date, which is heading our way fairly soon.

PUBG Xbox Update: June 7 Hotfix

First, the hotfix. PUBG Corp took to Reddit to announce the June 7 hotfix, a tiny update which went live at 1am PST/4am EST/9am BST. Its aim? To remove something that has been causing an abundance of crashes.

PUBG Xbox Update: What Has Been Changed?

As per PUBG Corp, the change is as follows: “The 3D character render in the inventory screen has been temporarily removed, as this was causing crashes. In our testing, after this change, crashes have decreased significantly on the Xbox One X, with S and OG having some an overall decrease in crashes as well. Once we’ve fixed this issue with the 3D character render, it will be added back into the game with an option to turn it on/off via the settings.”

So, if you’re going on the inventory screen hoping to see your character all lovingly recreated in 3D, you can think again. It’s for the best, though: the Xbox One X is apparently a whole ‘nother beast now when it comes to crashing. Namely, that it has “decreased significantly.” This could be huge in terms of console performance for PUBG on Xbox.

PUBG Xbox Update: Patch 16 Release Date

PUBG Corp. also managed to tease us with the official announcement of the PUBG Patch 16 release date: June 26. While it’s not expected to bring much in terms of content, it is again aiming to zero in on general performance and crashing issues. Fingers crossed, eh?