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FIFA 18 Update Patch Notes: What’s Changed in the June 8 Title Update?

With FIFA 19 (and E3 2018) just around the corner, EA has seen to it that FIFA 18 has received what is likely going to be its last big update with a June 8 Title Update. So, what’s changed? If you’re one of the many in the FIFA community looking for a definitive fix to the kick off glitch that’s plagued this year’s iteration, you’re flat out of luck, but there are plenty more changes to pore over and get excited about, especially if you’re a World Cup fan.

FIFA 18 Update: Main Changes

As revealed by EA on the FIFA forums, many of the changes that have come with the latest FIFA 18 update revolve around the World Cup 2018 add-on that launched last month. New players, such as Chelsea’ Ruben Loftus-Cheek, will now be part of their international team’s roster. There was a previous issue with international rosters not including players who were going to the World Cup but had not appeared in World Cup qualifying.

That main change will also come across in FIFA 18’s World Cup Ultimate Team mode, but hasn’t been implemented as of June 9.

FIFA 18 Update: Download Size

Despite the minor changes made to the game, the FIFA 18 update weighs in at a fairly considerable 4.2GB.

FIFA 18 Update: Kick Off Glitch

Despite several protestations from the community (and even pro players), the kick off glitch, wherein your entire team is able to be bypassed with relative ease upon kicking off, still remains in the game and hasn’t been addressed by EA in this latest update.

FIFA 18 Update: PS4 and PC Update

Strangely, the latest FIFA 18 update has only been rolled out on Xbox One thus far. As of writing, the PS4 update will be “available shortly” so expect it across the weekend of June 9-10. The PC version, however, “will be released in the near future.”

FIFA 18 Update: Full Patch Notes

This update includes the following:

Made the following changes in FIFA World Cup™:

– Added new players to the qualified team’s rosters for use in all FIFA World Cup™ modes.

Addressed the following issues in FIFA World Cup™:

– Added a check to ensure that the player is on the most up to date FIFA World Cup™ rosters after leaving any of the FIFA World Cup™ modes.

– Seeing invalid squads available for selection in FIFA World Cup™ Kick Off when entering into the mode following multiple lead profile changes.

– A crash after repeatedly selecting to restart a match in FIFA World Cup™ Kick Off.

Made the following changes in FIFA World Cup™ Ultimate Team:

– Added the foundation that will allow for the addition of new players to FIFA World Cup™ Ultimate Team.

– Follow @EASPORTSFIFA on Twitter for updates on when new players will be available.

Addressed the following issues in FIFA World Cup™ Ultimate Team:

– Backing out of the FIFA World Cup™ Ultimate Team club creation flow, when you had unclaimed items in FIFA Ultimate Team, would result in visual corruption.

Addressed the following issues in FIFA Ultimate Team:

– Sometimes the chemistry chevrons on Player Items and Chemistry Style Items would incorrectly show full chevrons for all attributes.

– This was a visual issue only.

Addressed the following issues in Online:

– A single player leaving a Pro Clubs Drop-In Match during the pre-match flow will no longer cause the match to end for all players.

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