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FIFA 18 EA Access: Is FIFA 18 in the Vault?

As each soccer season draws to a close, most EA Access fans look expectantly towards their Vault for a brand-new game in the shape of that year’s FIFA. This year is no different. But, with whispering swirling around, is FIFA 18 EA Access actually (finally) a thing, or is it a case of crossed wires and mixed messages? Let’s take a look…

FIFA 18 EA Access: Is FIFA 18 in the Vault?

While there have been plenty of posts around the web, including Reddit and Hot UK Deals, saying so, it appears that FIFA 18 is not currently in the Vault on EA Access. Despite this, you can expect the game to be included in the collection soon, as it is every year. For example, FIFA 17 launched on EA Access at the much earlier time of April last year.

This time around, though, the confusion seems to stem from a FIFA 18 free weekend, rather than it being available through EA Access. With it being such a low-key reveal, it’s clear that many mistook a free weekend for a new EA Access title, which is understandable.

FIFA 18 EA Access: Free Weekend

That’s right. If you are an Xbox Live Gold member, you will be able to download and play FIFA 18 completely free for the entirety of the weekend June 9-June 10. It is, however, a hefty 48GB download, so you’d better get downloading sooner rather than later through your Xbox One console. You can access FIFA 18 for free on the console’s storefront.

FIFA 18 EA Access: Is EA Access Xbox-Only?

If you’re looking to play FIFA 18 on EA Access when it does (eventually) drop, it is worth being aware that EA Access is only available on Xbox One. There is also a PC equivalent: Origin Access, which features the same titles. All titles in the Vault are available to play as long as you remain an EA Access subscriber.