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Fortnite Rambunctious: Cost, Expiry Time, Worth It?

Forget taking the L and flossing like nobody’s business, the Fortnite Rambunctious emote may very well be the brand-new dance craze that could sweep the globe. Don’t believe me? Watch it below, and try out the killer steps for yourself. But you’d best be quick: once the daily item emote is gone, it’s gone.

Fortnite Rambunctious: How Much Is It?

As ever with emotes, the Fortnite Rambunctious emote will set you back a measly 500 V-Bucks. Not bad for a god-tier trolling move, if you ask me.

To purchase it, head to the store and take a peek at the daily items. You’ll notice two things: the six tiles, with the Rambunctious emote being the top right tile, and the ever-ticking clock. Click the top right tile and purchase it while you still have a chance.

Fortnite Rambunctious: End Date

The Rambunctious emote launched on June 8 at 9pm EST/June 9 2am BST. As all daily items are around for only, you guessed it, a single day, you’re going to have to get a move on. It’ll be gone on June 9 at 9pm EST/June 10 2am BST, which isn’t very long at all.

Fortnite Rambunctious: Is It Worth It?

Take a look. You be the judge. Me, personally? I’m making sure I’m slipping this one into my trolling toolkit; it’s the Swiss Army knife of emotes: it can do everything from frustrate to make people flip out with excitement in equal measure.

Fortnite Rambunctious: When Will It Return?

It’s quite possible. Most emotes (and other daily items) tend to come back on rotation in future seasons, especially the most popular ones with the community. So if you’re reading this and have just missed out on the Fortnite Rambunctious emote, there’s a good chance it’ll be back in stock in the coming weeks and months.