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What Is the PUBG Snow Map Release Date?

The PUBG snow map release date period has now been revealed, with PUBG Corp. hyping up fans with more details on the fourth map, including a GIF teasing what it’s going to look like. There’s the snowy environment, obviously, but there’s also a potential new gameplay mechanic, with the ability to track footprints.

While E3 is mainly focused on hyping up future games, teasing new projects and whatnot, there is still plenty of opportunities for current titles to deliver big content updates and news. This is what PUBG Corp. did, and for players of the game, it’s a huge deal!

What Is the PUBG Snow Map Release Date?

The PUBG snow map release date is targeted during winter 2018. While that doesn’t exactly give us an exact date to put in our calendars, it does give us an idea of when to expect the various test phases and eventual release. The new PUBG map will likely be featured initially on the game’s Experimental Server, where it will go through testing and experience some dramatic changes. We saw this with Sanhok and it worked well.

PUBG Corp. confirmed the PUBG snow map release date period on Twitter, accompanied by a GIF showing a player tracking an enemy’s footprints.

When Will the PUBG Snow Map Xbox Release Date Be?

It looks like the PUBG snow map Xbox release date won’t be far behind the PC version, if the similar Sankhok launch periods are anything to go by. Sanhok on PC releases on June 22, while the Xbox version is scheduled for summer 2018. These dates are very close together!

Based on the official tweets, I’d expect the PUBG snow map Xbox release date to also be sometime during winter 2018. PUBG Corp. tweeted “New Snow Map – Winter 2018” with no specific platforms mentioned. Perhaps this could mean a simultaneous launch? We’ll have to wait and see!