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What Are the Best Fortnite Skins?

What are the best Fortnite skins?” is a common question among players of the wildly popular Battle Royale experience. Fortnite skins allow users to stand out with their own combination of styles. The Fortnite skin collection is a huge one, and it can be difficult knowing what exactly the best Fortnite skin choice is. Here’s our guide to the best Fortnite skins, which should hopefully put this debate to rest!

Best Fortnite Skins: Challenge Skins

best fortnite skins

One of the best Fortnite skins has to be the Visitor skin, unlocked through the Blockbuster challenge. Players were tasked with completing seven weeks of challenges to unlock this guy. That’s 49 challenges in total, which finally opened up access to the Fortnite Visitor.

With such demanding requirements, the Fortnite Visitor skin proves that the wearer is no average player. It’s a symbol of dedication and perseverance, and it looks pretty damn badass.

Best Fortnite Skins: Rarest Skins

Best Fortnite Skins

Also widely considered to be the best Fortnite skins are the rarest Fortnite skins. If you were playing the game way back during Season 1, you’ll likely have acquired some skins that can no longer be unlocked.

The Fortnite Recon Expert comes to mind here. Though it looks unexceptional, its plain appearance made it an unpopular purchase, meaning not many players picked it up. This increased rarity makes it stand out, which I’d consider an important factor when deciding what the best Fortnite skins are!

Best Fortnite Skins: Gameplay Advantage

Best Fortnite Skins

Personally, I think the best Fortnite skins are the ones that give you some kind of gameplay advantage. Certain skins like the Fortnite Ranger can be hard to spot at a distance, for example, as he blends in with the background. Darker skins can be tough to pinpoint in dark areas, which really can make the difference between life and death.

My number one choice, however, when it comes to the best Fortnite skins with gameplay advantage in mind, is the default no skin… I know that sounds ridiculous, but many enemies assume that no skins are new players, leading them into a false sense of security. Time and time again, I see players try to kill me in some humiliating fashion, only for me to surprise them with quick building and fast aim.