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Fortnite Switch Crossplay: Can I Play With PS4 and Xbox One Users?

Fortnite Switch is out right now. But wait, before you hurry off to your consoles, the E3 2018 Nintendo Direct announcement comes with a pretty big caveat: crossplay. Namely, can you engage in a round of Fortnite Switch crossplay with PS4 and Xbox One users on their respective consoles, as well as PC and mobile players? The answer is below.

Fortnite Switch Crossplay: Can I Play With PS4 Players?

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first. You cannot fire up the Battle Bus and get your Fortnite Switch crossplay on with users on PS4. Sony have notoriously been very stingy when it comes to helping out their competition through crossplay, and that appears to be the case here. Epic PR member Nick Chester confirmed as much on Twitter, for the avoidance of doubt.

Fortnite Switch Crossplay: Can I Play With Xbox One Players?

Yes, you can! As seen above, you can play any and every Fortnite Switch mode with other players on Xbox One, PC, Mac and mobile. This feels like a massive leap for Nintendo, which previously ranked Rocket League as one of their only crossplay-compatible titles. Well, no longer. You can take Fortnite wherever you go (remember, it’s able to be played both docked or in handheld on Switch) and battle people all around the world, as long as they’re not on PS4.

Fortnite Switch Crossplay: Will my PS4 Stats Carry Over?

If your Epic account is linked to your PSN account then I’m afraid not. Still, you can treat Fortnite Switch has a mini-reboot of sorts, especially as it’s essentially a complete edition packed with every update that’s come to the game thus far. And there’s still Fortnite season 5 just around the corner! Isn’t that exciting?