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Rocket League 1.47 Update Patch Notes: What Has Been Fixed?

With the game heading into a pivotal point of the year in terms of new content, the Rocket League 1.47 update serves as only an incremental update for the soccer/driving hybrid which provides a platform for stability and performance in the month to come. Read on to see the ‘full’ Rocket League 1.47 patch notes (there aren’t many), as well as the download size and a look at what updates are coming down the line.

Rocket League 1.47 Update: Full Patch Notes

The full Rocket League 1.47 update patch notes last all of two bullet points but, nonetheless, here they are:

  • Fixes for hang/freeze issues.
  • Added various stability and performance improvements.

In layman’s terms, the minor gripes and annoyances that can tend to plague the game, such as the stuttering in-game and the seeming disparity in hit detection when faced with a lobby that involves higher ping counts, should dissipate thanks to this update. Additionally, you should find 1.47 deals with the intermittent freezing on the main menu that can crop up from time to time.

Rocket League 1.47 Update: How to Download

Nice and simple this one. Simply boot up the game/client and the 1.47 update should download automatically. Occasionally, the PS4 version may take a while to setup the actual download, so check your notifications menu should that be the case.

Rocket League 1.47 Update: Download Size

With the 1.47 update only coming in at 80MB, this really is the most minor of patches but, still, it’s hopeful that it’ll iron out any of the game’s frustrating kinks.

Rocket League 1.47 Update: What Comes Next?

One of the next big updates, according to the Rocket League summer roadmap, will be the ability to start cross-play parties with users across PS4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, which promises to be a game-changer for those who want to participate in tournaments together across consoles.