Box art - The Last of Us 2

The Last of Us 2 PC Release: Is it Coming to PC?

So, you saw The Last of Us 2 at the Sony E3 2018 conference and thought to yourself, ‘Hey, that looks pretty neat, is it coming to PC?’ It’s a question we’ve all had, hoping against hope that some of the biggest names in gaming will eventually make their way to our monitors so we can get cracking on with a keyboard and mouse and (hopefully) a helping of mod support. But is The Last of Us 2 PC release going to become a reality, or simply something that will never, ever happen? Let’s find out…

The Last of Us 2 PC Release: Is it Coming to PC?

While you can never say never, it’s looking extremely unlikely that The Last of Us 2 PC release will ever see the light of day, for several reasons. Firstly, and most importantly, The Last of Us 2 is being published under the Sony banner. Additionally, Naughty Dog has been a Sony-exclusive developer for the better part of two decades now. As much as we’d like that to happen, we can’t see the company doing a turn about-face and reversing their decision, which is a shame.

In fact, The Last of Us 2, along with Nintendo’s stable, HaloGears of War, and a handful of Sony exclusives, is one of only a handful of games to remain exclusive in this day and age. Many games, such as Final Fantasy and Crash Bandicoot have thrown off the shackles of exclusivity in recent years and generations, so there’s still some hope to cling on to if you’re a staunch PC gamer.

The Last of Us 2 PC Release: Is it a PS4 Exclusive?

Even if The Last of Us 2 PC release isn’t coming, that still gives us the chance of a release on other consoles, right? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there’s little-to-no chance of The Last of Us 2 coming to Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or any other future console that isn’t owned by Sony. The only other console we might see it is on is a future Sony handheld or as a port on PS5.