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Fortnite #8 Loading Screen Unlock: What Does It Mean?

The Fortnite #8 loading screen unlock is confusing many players, as it seems to pop up for no reason. Loading screens are usually awarded once the corresponding week’s challenges are completed. However, this #8 loading screen is unlocking without the completion of any Week 8 challenges, as they aren’t actually available yet! So, what exactly is going on? And what does the #8 loading screen mean?

Fortnite #8 Loading Screen Unlock: How Do You Get It?

With no Fortnite Week 8 challenges to complete, there is obviously a different method to follow when trying to unlock the #8 loading screen. Well, it’s actually a lot easier than you might think!

If you’re attempting to complete all of the Blockbuster challenges in order to unlock The Visitor skin, then you’re already doing the right thing. The Fortnite #8 loading screen and The Visitor skin are unlocked simultaneously. Once you’ve finished seven weeks’ worth of challenge, which comes to 49 objectives in total(!), you’ll find both The Visitor and #8 loading screen unlocked.

If you’ve unlocked The Visitor but the #8 loading screen hasn’t been added to your inventory, try playing a match and seeing if it unlocks afterwards. If that doesn’t work, reboot the game.

Fortnite #8 Loading Screen Unlock: What Does It Mean?

Fortnite #8 Loading Screen

The Fortnite #8 loading screen unlock is called “Retrofit.” The image shows The Visitor presumably making adjustments to a rocket. I reckon he’s either programming it to soar into space and take him back home, or he’s putting in coordinating for a missile strike. The latter would no doubt result in big changes to the map.

We’ll likely find out what the #8 loading screen means at the conclusion of Season 4. Perhaps The Visitor will be the cause of major destruction and set the scene for Season 5, which is estimated to start sometime after July 12. We won’t have to wait long to see what the Fortnite #8 loading screen is teasing!