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State of Decay 2 1.4 Update Patch Notes: What’s Been Fixed?

State of Decay 2 is taking an odd approach to its updates and patch notes. While you may look at ‘State of Decay 2 1.4 update‘ and expect a slightly larger change to the game than the one we’re getting, developers Undead Labs have opted to forgo normal tradition for incremental updates and just go straight for the jugular when it comes to numbering. While it’s a 1.4 update, it definitely feels more like a 1.31, but does fix one of the game’s more annoying follower bugs.

State of Decay 2 1.4 Update Patch Notes: Highlights

Without a doubt, the most useful fix to come from the State of Decay 2 1.4 update is the fact that bugged and glitched followers will now no longer be lost or end up teleporting to you at a later time after being MIA while you’re in desperate needing of a helping hand. Other than that, Undead Labs has promised general bug fixes, which is bound to help the game’s quality of life in the long run.

State of Decay 2 1.4 Update Patch Notes: Download Size

This isn’t pretty. Despite being a relatively minor update, both the Xbox One and PC State of Decay 2 1.4 downloads weigh in at a humongous 5GB. Again, this may irk players expecting a larger update which, as you’ll see from the full patch notes below, we’re getting nothing of the sort.

State of Decay 2 1.4 Update Patch Notes: Full Patch Notes

As per the State of Decay 2 official website, the full 1.4 update patch notes are:

  • Fixed issue with ladders where players would sometimes not mount the ladders properly during descents and as a result fall off and take damage.
  • Fixed some rare instances of odd follower behavior where players would sometimes lose their follower entirely, or the follower would disappear and then teleport to the player later.
  • Door state should now always match its visuals. (No more running face first into a door that looks open!)