Cars PSP Cheats

Cheat Codes

At the cheats menu enter the following:


vroooomInfinite Boost
yaycarsUnlocks All Cars
watchitUnlocks All Movie Clips
matti33Unlocks All Tracks and Mini Games
conc3ptUnlocks Art
trgtexcUnlocks Mater's Speedy Circuit

Unlock Reversed Track

At the main menu hold the L button And enter X, Square, Triangle, X, Triangle, Square


Unlock Mirror Cup

To unlock Mirror Cup you must collect all Postcards on Postcard Rally Mode.


Unlock Alternate Paint Jobs

There are 3 alternate paint jobs for each car. Each place (1st, 2nd or 3rd)will get you a new paint job.


How to Unlock
Alternate paint for ChickBeat the best time on the Speedway track
Alternate paint for DJBeat the best time on the Radiator Cap Run track
Alternate paint for Doc HudsonBeat the best time on Mesa Ravine
Alternate paint for Lightening McQueenBeat the best time on the Figure 8 track
Alternate paint for LuigiBeat the best time on the Deisel Forest track
Alternate paint for MaterBeat the best time on the Desert Canyon Dash track
Alternate paint for Sally CarreraBeat the best time on the Radiator Springs track
Alternate paint for SargeBeat the best time on the Frank's Field track
Alternate paint for SheriffBeat the best time on the Ironhorse Junction track
Alternate paint for Snot RodBeat the best time on Turbine Canyon
Alternate paint for WingoBeat the best time on the Interstate track

Unlock Characters


How to Unlock
Doc HudsonBeat Gran Prix Cup 1
RamoneBeat Mirror Cup.
SheriffBeat Gran Prix Cup 2
Unlock FloBeat Gran Prix Cup 3

Unlock Boss Cars

To unlock the boss cars beat them in their boss races in story mode.