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Fortnite Final Fight Limited Time Mode Explained

The Fortnite Final Fight limited time mode has been added to the game with the new 4.4 content update. This mode acts as more of a variant, in that it is added on to existing modes to offer a brand new experience. Final Fight Teams of 20 is the first example of this, with the usual rules adapted to make for a different kind of battle. Here’s everything you need to know about the Fortnite Final Fight mode, as well as the new Teams of 20 variant.

Fortnite Final Fight: What Is the New Fortnite Mode?

The new Fortnite Final Fight mode is now available to play, but what exactly is it? Well, matches start out in the same way that the normal Battle Royale rounds do, with a Storm Circle pushing players closer and closer together. However, in Final Fight, once that circle reaches its third stage, it will stop closing in. Then a countdown timer will begin. Once that timer expires, the team with the most remaining players will earn a “Victory Royale!”

Fortnite Final Fight forces players who are outnumbered to try and get back into the fight. If they just play it safe and wait for the countdown timer to expire, they will lose. Hopefully this makes for more action-packed matches!

Fortnite Final Fight Teams of 20 Explained

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Fortnite Final Fight Teams of 20 is the first mode to experience this new way of ending the game. Players will be put into five teams of 20, each with a separate Battle Bus. The match will play out as normal, until the Storm Circle reaches its third stage. When that happens, a countdown timer will begin. Teams will then want to ensure they remain on top with the highest number of players still alive. Falling behind in Final Fight puts you at a serious disadvantage, and makes it harder for you to come back and get that win.

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