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Fortnite Stink Bomb Stats, Damage and Where to Find Them

We now know just how brutal the Fortnite stink bomb stats are, thanks to Epic Games detailing the new grenade’s damage, rarity, and location in the Fortnite 4.4 content update patch notes. As predicted, the developers really aren’t messing around, adding a powerful grenade that could well be meta-changing. I think this weapon is going to cause a lot of controversy within the community, with some loving its anti-camping features, and others hating its potential to be overpowered.

Fortnite Stink Bomb Stats: How Much Damage Does the Stink Bomb Do?

The Fortnite stink bomb dishes out 5 damage every half a second to all enemies who find themselves within its cloud. The cloud lasts for a total of nine seconds, meaning a maximum potential damage output of 90. This doesn’t sound like a lot, as it’s unlikely to actually kill enemies on its own. However, it does act to force enemies out of hiding, and that additional bit of damage is going to give users a big advantage in the gunfight that follows.

I think it’s good that the Fortnite stink bomb isn’t able to wipe out full health players on its own. That would probably be a little too powerful, especially when you consider that its obvious purpose is to encourage campers to move.

Fortnite Stink Bomb Stats: Where to Find the Stink Bomb Location

fortnite stink bomb stats

If you’re worried about the potential of Fortnite stink bomb spam, you can rest a little easier with the knowledge that it is of the Epic rarity. This means it’s less common on the battlefield. The stink bomb can be found in floor loot, chests, and vending machines.

As we’ve seen with previous weapons, it’s not unusual for Epic Games to tweak them later down the road. Though the devs have no doubt thought long and hard about balancing the new stink bomb, it’s hard to predict how it will impact the game once millions of players get hold of it.

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